Project Runway All Stars: "Finale"

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Last week, the designers were asked to create six looks in four days with only former contestants as help. We rejoin Austin, Mondo, and Michael on the day of the final show. They head to Gotham Hall and after relishing their place in the finale and the beauty of the location, the final three designers get to work finishing up their collections backstage. 

The VIP show included some big names from the fashion industry, but didn't seem to carry the weight of the usual Fashion Week extravaganza. Nina Garcia was in the crowd, and thought the designers had come a long way from when she was judging them on Project Runway. The guest judges for the finale were Tommy Hilfiger and fashion director for Neiman Marcus, Ken Downing.

The Collections:


"Austin Scarlett" - I couldn't make this up. So here is the description directly from the mouth of Austin himself, "a story of a vampire from the 18th century who has lived many hundreds of years and now resides in Williamsburg and occasionally borrows clothes from her Hasidic dandy friends."

The judges thought this was more "best of" Austin Scarlett than a cohesive collection. They weren't sure about the red carpet dress, but loved the leather lacquered look. The final wedding dress was a big hit, but did it fit the rock and roll vibe of the collection? Finally, the judges thought Austin brought youth to a couture collection, and that as a designer he was full of ideas.







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Comments (9)

Clothdog writes: They all did great work. I'm always amazed at what the contestants can do in such a short time. It takes a lot of courage to be an artist and throw your heart out there for people to criticize, laugh at or (best case) love.

I am glad Mondo won; his work is imaginative, well made and wearable. The Rorschach dress was very like the big-polka-dot dress he did in Season 8, but why not? It was great then too. I liked all of his pieces; would remove those button pockets from the pants, and me in those cutout-thigh leggings would probably be illegal in all 50 states. But overall, a fine collection.

Question: If this win was part of a strategy by the producers to make Gretchengate right, what will they do about Anyagate? That was even more egregious.

Posted: 10:03 am on March 26th
dlonra8 writes: nice that Mondo won but im ready for Heidi and the gang to come back
Posted: 2:44 am on March 26th
ChiquitaEmilita writes: I was so excited that Mondo won! And those pants were completely awesome, even with the pockets.
Posted: 6:31 pm on March 23rd
LDL writes: Can somebody explain to me how Austin's Black Lace dress held its shape...laminated? starched? What was the technique?
Posted: 6:06 pm on March 23rd
Kathie510 writes: Congratulations to all three finalists! They are incredibly talented and anyone who has followed P Runway could have predicted they would be the final three. They all stayed true to their own aesthetic and did some incredibly gorgeous work. I know it is a big deal to win the P Runway but I felt any of the three of them were deserving of the win. Of course we knew it would be Mondo.

To me Mondo's collection is gorgeous...there are things that even I, a 60 year old woman could see using as inspiration for an outfit and were I younger most of his looks are wonderful. I thought the inkblot fabric was ingenious and I can relate to doing something like that. I very much look forward to his fashions being at Neiman Marcus and I hope there is something there, even if a tshirt, for the older larger woman to wear. I would be proud to wear his designs.

Michaels outfits are stunning. He did such a good job stretching his comfort zone to make something other then an evening dress. He has a great aestetic(sp) and can make any woman look wonderful with his fabric draping. I know he has a wonderful career ahead of him. He has quite a pleasing personality and I'm so glad to see a straight male in the business. Blessings to his family who I'm sure sacrificed to help him find his calling. I look forward to seeing his outfits. can anyone not love Austin? Such a sweetheart and so full of enthusiasm and tulle! I loved his light challenge and the wedding dress was gorgeous and unlike anything I've seen in wedding gowns before. It seems he is starting a new wedding wear trend! You go Ausin. He too has a wonderful career ahead of him. I'm not sure how many of his looks I can wear but his looks are drop dead gorgeous there's no doubt about that.

I loved the new P Runway after I got used to Heidi not being there, which took me a few shows. Now I actually prefer the new P Runway.

Thanks for the entertainment and the insight into the fashion world...this is my favorite TV show.
Posted: 5:45 pm on March 23rd
Hawaiigal writes: I love Austin's personality, but knew Mondo was the one who should win...his clothes trenscends all ages, very marketable, very creative. I think Austin is a great entertainer, loved his "on the road..." show, so I wish him well. Good job, Mondo, looking forward to seeing your clothes in the stores...can you make some for us "larger" women????
Posted: 5:17 pm on March 23rd
Cherlyn writes: There was something in all three tht I fell in love with: Austin's white gown was stunning, I loved Mondo's red evening dress, and Michae's white gown with the vest was interesting.

I was routing for Austin, but I figured Mondo would get it.
Posted: 4:51 pm on March 23rd
denise writes: love the little check belero. As i am an older lady would you ever consider having a project runway for 50+ ages group, it gives ideas re sewing we seem to be the forgotten age
Posted: 4:30 pm on March 23rd
denise writes: they all have somthing to tell us, ,
Posted: 4:27 pm on March 23rd
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