How To Lay Sewing Pattern Pieces On The Bias

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Video Length: 03:28
Produced by: Colleen G Lea

There will be occasions when your sewing pattern asks to be cut out on the bias of your fashion fabric.

Do you know how?

In this quick and easy video tutorial, let me demonstrate the technique of laying your sewing pattern pieces correctly onto the bias.

Get the ‘true‘ stretch of the fabric and create clothing that exudes natural shaping and figure hugging perfection.

Finding Fabric Grain Lines

The general rules regarding fashion fabric grain lines are -

1 – There are normally three grains within a fabric.
2 – The straight / lengthwise grain runs the length of the fabric.
3 – The crosswise grain runs from selvage to selvage.
4 – The bias grain runs at a 45 degree angle between the others.


Laying On The Bias

If your sewing pattern or sewing project asks to be laid onto the fabric bias, there are differences that you must adhere too.

For example, sewing pattern pieces for bias cut garments are generally a whole pattern piece, i.e the whole front / back of a dress.

The sewing pattern pieces should be laid out on a single thickness of fashion fabric.

The fashion fabric single layer should be right side up.

When working with half sewing pattern pieces, after the first fabric section is cut out, reverse the sewing pattern piece (i.e. wrong side of pattern onto right side of fabric) to ensure the second fabric piece is cut correctly.

No matter which type of sewing pattern piece you’re working with, you’ll first need to identify the straight / lengthwise grain of your fabric.

Only then can you correctly lay sewing pattern pieces on the bias.

Sound complicated?

It isn’t! Let me show you how it’s done.

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