How To Prepare For A Fashion Sewing Project 1/2

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Setting Yourself On The Right Track!

No matter if it’s the latest Fashion Sewing Blog sew-along, or another sewing project you’re about to embark upon, we all like to make sure we’re as prepared as can be.

Fashion sewing can, at times, be frustrating and complicated!

Why then, would we endeavour to begin a sewing project, knowing full well that it’s never going to be 100% complete, or finished to a professional standard because our knowledge, tools or equipment is either not up to standard or lacking completely.

Honest answer! We wouldn’t.

I’m the first to admit, preparing for a sewing project is not an easy task.

If you’re new to, or a beginner fashion sewer, even more so!

It does however get easier.

Fashion sewing and the preparation we undertake is all a matter of routine. It’s key!

When you can readily identify and take ownership of that routine, then you know how to prepare.

If you want to save yourself time, money and fashion sewing frustrations, get yourself a set in stone routine.

To help you (as is my Fashion Sewing Blog mantra), I’ve set down, over 2 articles, a 21 point checklist, to aid you develop and find the all important structured routine that will no doubt set you up for sewing success.

So sit back, relax and prepare to become a better fashion sewer!

How To Prepare For A Fashion Sewing Project

1 – Buy your fashion fabrics in plenty of time for any planned sew-along. Buy at regular intervals and build up a fabric stash. This, in time will save you money and many precious shopping hours.

2 – Purchase sewing patterns in bulk. Ensure you make the most of discounted sales to save you money. Research latest lines then hunt them / or something similar down on bargain / bidding sites. Remember to choose the size nearest to your bust, waist and hip measurements.

3 – Buy notions as you go or for specific sewing projects. Again, like a fabric stash, seek to own a wide and varied collection.

4 – Always make sure you’ve the right sewing threads and sewing machine needle for a specific project. You can find all the information necessary via the Internet so you don’t come unstuck.

5 – Make sure any fusible interfacing is the right weight and colour for your sewing project. Build up a stash of different interfacing, including non fusible.

6 – Dependant on fabric type, don’t forget to shrink fashion fabrics before embarking on your sewing project. This includes interfacing.

7 – Press your fabric on the wrong side to make sure that it is wrinkle free. Straighten your fabric whether it is knitted or woven.

8 – Cut or trace your sewing pattern pieces (whichever you prefer) and then iron them if badly creased with a warm iron.

9 – Tissue fitting sewing patterns is an important process, checking shape and proportion. Whenever possible, make a toile / muslin.

10 – Adjust your sewing patterns (shorten or lengthen) as indicated on each piece and perform this action before the construction process.

Join me next week for the conclusion of our 21 point checklist to fashion sewing success!

If you have any questions, then please do contact me at Fashion Sewing Blog.

Happy fashion sewing

Colleen G Lea

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