How to make custom jewelry with resin

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This tutorial is about how to make custom jewelry, and its specialness lies on the resin material used for this jewelry making.

(This is an article from the learning center of pandahallstock, as a DIY jewelry lover, I'dhare like to share it here, if you want more exciting tutorial, please feel free to reach pandahallstock ^-^)

Every girl wants to own a unique piece of jewelry which exactly belongs to herself and only to herself. As the custom jewelry become faddish, they get familiarized by amount of people. No matter as a kind of jewelry worn by yourself or a sort of items used for gift giving. Custom jewelry is always a good choice for any possible occasion.

As a jewelry maker, you must have the interest to try this kind of custom jewelry which entails a lot of chances to become well known.

The things you need are as follows:

White papers, picture pages from pictorial, bezel pendant, jump ring, tooth stick, brush, and resin

Plier, scissors, adhesive, glue and pencil

Then how to make custom jewelry?

How to make custom jewelry Step 1: prepare your clip arts

First, press your empty pendant onto picture pages and hold pencil to draw the shape against the edge of pendant

Second, fetch scissors to cut off the excess part and get the exact pendant shape of picture. Then you clip arts form.

Third, spread the transparent adhesive over the clip arts and fold the adhesive to wrap the clips in it; and then use tooth stick to rub on it. In order to make the surfaces have luster, you need take this measure to polish the adhesives' surfaces.

Fourth, trim off the clips one by one, take care and don't damage the edges.

How to make custom jewelry Step 2: make the pendant ready

First, mix up resin solution in a small container, and the mixing instruction will be shown on the resin's packing.

Second, slowly drip resin from container into pendant. Be careful about the bubbies that are easily form.

Third, use tooth stick to flatten the surface of resin liquid, making the resin fulfill every corner of the pendant.

How to make custom jewelry Step 3: finish the custom jewelry

First, wait the resin layer dries; generally speaking, it often takes a few hours.

Second, use plier to slightly open the jump ring and attach pendant and link chain together

Third, close the jump ring and you can wear it now.

Yes, at this moment, our project about how to make custom jewelry is finished, and your custom jewelry is well done. If you want to do some creative changes, you can add dreamlike color paint into resin liquid; and if the effect proves to be okay for jewelry making, then this method can be widely utilized.

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