DIY Sea Glass Jewelry

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Sea glass can be found in various beaches around world. They can be regarded as the works created by both human beings and the nature. Humans make glass and throw them into sea, then as time goes on and on, the sharp edges of the glass are slowly polished to be smooth and the chemical reactions which might be involved in the polishing process change the shape and color of the glass; years later they are flashed to beach by waves. The sea glass comes into being.

Nowadays people prefer to take advantage of sea glass to decorate themselves, for example, use them to make jewelry. It is said that sea glass is good for people's heath, so wearing sea glass jewelry has been a fashion for few years.

As they are easily found at seaside, many like to collect them for making jewelry. This time we would like to introduce a project about how to make Sea Glass Jewelry.

Things you need: sea glass, wire, tweezers, plier, optional beads

How to make Sea Glass Jewelry Step 1: prepare the wire

First cut the wire to the length you desired for the jewelry you want to make, such as a necklace.

Second Use a pair of tweezers to loop the end of wire without any sharp edges left. If any edge makes you feel uncomfortable, don't be reluctant to let yourself adjust to it, soon use plier to handle the problem.

Third take the similar action to make a hook at the other end of wire, till now the pair of clasp is done.

How to make Sea Glass Jewelry Step 2: wrap the sea glass

Twist the wire to wrap around the prepared sea glass. For wrapping, the simplest way is to wrap the sea glass with some distance between loops, therefore the luster and pretty color can be obscurely revealed which would promote the beauty of your necklace. Surely when wrapping the sea glass you should also focus on its security; if it falls out and get lost when wearing, you will be caught by the down mood. There is a method to hold it tightly: add some glues between the wire and sea glass.

How to make Sea Glass Jewelry Step 3: do some decoration

If you like shells, coral or agate, you can find some tiny beads of these kinds, and add them into wire to do some decoration. You know necklace is somewhat longer than other jewelry, so a sea glass alone is too plain for you sometimes. If necessary you could insert some ornaments to promote its effect, but never overdo.

Now the project about how to make sea glass jewelry is done. If you love sea glass and by coincidence live besides beaches, I guess you may have collected many sea glasses. So fetch one or two favorite to make a piece of jewelry, and the result will surprise you.

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