Tips on How to Make Pearl Jewelry

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Some may think the tips I will talk about is stereotype, as they sounds general in many similar projects. Therefore this time I will use pearl jewelry making examples to speciafy them.

There are no boundaries in pearl jewelry making and desinging. Therefore, only if the styles are lovely and beautiful in you reyes, they can appear as good pieces. However there is a prerequisite that is they can be well accepted by the public.

How to make pearl jewelry tip 1: choose the style which not only fit you, but also suits for the occasion.

Designing a pair of pearl earrings which will be worn in formal party, you should pick the big sized, pure white freshwater pearls. This kind of pearls jewelry can manifest the wearer's nobility and solemnity. You are conscious to know you cannot wear a pair of Romany ones, right?

How to make pearl jewelry tip2: the size and type of beads should be suitable for the wearing parts.

When making a pearl necklace, you will be suggested to choose small sized freshwater pearls. This kind of jewelry can emphasize your erect neck and pretty postures. The small sized pearls possess a kind of feature to make your elegance and politeness more prominent.  

How to make pearl jewelry tip: use a correct finding to decorate a specific piece

For earrings, pearl is right the drop which is considered as the ornament for pearl jewelry; usually we pick wires to warp above, forming the spiral pattern; or we add head caps to set off the pearl's luster and beuty.

For bracelet, we will also use head caps and metal ornaments, such as heart looking sivel fretwork finding, to highlight the pearl jewelry's purity and mellow nature.

For necklace, if it is beaded out by identical freshwater pearls, you need not pick any pendant to decorate, because at this moment, any pendant will never break the solitary and tranquil atmosphere created by pearls themselve. Even if the pearl necklace consisits of chain and freshwater pearls, any other pendant is not needed either; pear; itself is the most proper choice.

How to make pearl jewelry tip 4: create eye-catching color scheme

Besides freshwater pearls, there are many costume pearls, as we often see "glass pearls" or "plastic pearls", and they are often in various colors. If you want to make informal jewelry which should focuo on the current trend and personalities, we suggest you to choose vivid and contrasting colors to match each other. As a result, you can even create several jewelry containing ethnic features and combining traditions with modern fashions.

Now, the tips about How to make pearl jewelry is finished, and you are convince that how important the four tips are for your pearl jewelry making; definitely there are more techniques you need to learn and more problems you should be careful to avoid.


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