A Halloween Wedding on a Spooky Budget

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The Beverage list.
Our attire and my flowers at a nearby park.
A close up of the flowers my sister did. They really were beautiful. Those are our ebay rings too.
Our Table decor
Our small coffee reception cake from walmart
The costume reception cake
The pumpkins were fun
These signs from Party City were only $20.00, but they came with everything to personalize it
Little Red Riding Hood married the Big Bad Wolf
Everyone was very enthusiastic about coming in costume.
These were the painted pumpkins that we used for the table numbers.
My Invite
The Beverage list.

The Beverage list.

My husband and I LOVE Halloween. For years we went to these amazing costume parties and some very spooky locations where all the money went to local charities. One night last August, we were sipping wine on the front porch and we said "Why Not?" We had been engaged for a few years and had just bought a house and after talking we figured that we better do it or we never would. So I sold my car and the proceeds went towards the wedding.

Halloween weddings are not for everyone, but a lot of my tips could be useful to anyone getting married on a very small budget. We called in a lot of favors and I did a lot of things myself. It is a lot of hard work, but in the end it is memorable and worth it.

We opted to do a traditional ceremony during the day and then had our Costume Reception in the evening. That way nobody had to feel uncomfortable.

Planning a wedding can be stressful, but in all honesty I had so much fun planning and preparing, I didn't really feel stressed at all. So if sharing this helps anyone, I am happy.


Money Saving Tips:


My dress was bought at Debshops in February the year before when they were pulling out the prom dresses. I paid $168.00 for it. A far cry from what some will pay for a wedding dress these days. Prom dresses make fabulous wedding dresses, sometimes you can even find dresses from the previous year on clearance. My hair flower was bought at The Icing for $3.00. My shoes were the last pair of black chunk heeled Mary Janes at Payless in my size, but there was a small scuff on them so I haggled the cashier from $22.00 down to $16.00 (Go Me!)

I only had one person stand up for me and I basically told her what color dress I wanted her to wear and to pick something that is appropriate for the ceremony, but will still be comfortable for her. I believe she borrowed her dress, or might have even already had it. I made her jewelry as her bridesmade gift.

My husband and his dad both needed new suit coats anyway, so the hit up the men's section at our local walmart. Most of them have the GEORGE brand suits that are very reasonably priced. They both wore white dress shirts and black ties. My husbands tie was bought on ebay a couple of years prior for $0.99.

Wedding Bands:

Some people choose not to skimp on this part, but I am not a fan of gold jewelry and silver doesnt keep its shape on my fingers, so my husband and I opted to get Tungsten bands on ebay, they cost around $20.00 each and I honestly love mine. It is the most comfortable ring I have ever had. It hasn't scrached, it won't bend, and it is durable enough for me to leave on even while gardening.


I made my own. I bought some Avery brand Post cards, I found clip art that I liked, I did a search for Halloween wedding invitation wording online, and I used the Avery Site to ddesign them. After I printed them, I gathered some other supplies: color coordinating ribbon, black card stock, glue sticks, xacto knife, ruler, cutting mat and hole punch and finally greeting card envelopes. I cut each piece of black cardstock paper in half, I glued the invite on the postcard to the cardstock, just below centered to leave room at the top for two evenly placed holes centered atop to put the ribbon through. I thought they looked great and they were very inexpensive. I also made two sided response cards with the Avery postcards one side with the response info and the other with the return address. The response cards were also a money saver because instead of having to affix postage for the return envelope, it was only post card postage which is much cheaper and it sure adds up when you are sending out 50 invites.

Calling in favors:

We called in a lot of favors as wedding gifts for our wedding. Our cake was a wedding gift from my husbands friend, as well as the flowers which my sister bought at wholesale fresh and then put together as our bouquets, and photography, which believe it or not was done as a gift from my ex-husband. If your near and dear ones have a talent that is helpful to your wedding, ask them to help you out in leiu of a gift, most people would be glad that you did.

Food: If you really want to be a do-it-all-yourselfer and do all of your own food, more power to you.... I opted not to, but a friend and her mom did drop off catering for me for very cheap and I had a few aquaintances help put it on the banquet tables for a few bucks.

Drinks: We did beer, wine, soda, and a spooky alcoholic punch table. The beer and soda we got when it was on sale a few cases at a time and stored it in our garage and we did box wine. We waaaay over bought, we were drinking beer and wine until the following May. (But who's complaining??? ) My husband made "Zombie" punch, which he did by looking up the drink recipie online and then adjusted it to make a punch. We had a lot of fun doing it, we had a "punch tasting" with a few friends one night. Word of advice, either mix the punch and throw it in the fridge or write the recipe down as soon as you get it right, otherwise you will be sauced and trying to remember how you did it. Our friend made the other punch which was equally as potent. A friend offered to bartend as a wedding gift and we put out a tip jar for him because he refused to let us pay him.

Decorations: Take advantage of dollar and bargain stores!!! I got a lot of stuff at Dollar Tree and Dollar General. Party City was a great help as well, we spent a little extra on the dessert napkins and dessert plates there, but it was worth it. Also take advantage of other seasonal items that can be re-used or have multiple uses. For example, we hit up the farm stand for corn stalks, hay bails, Mums and pumpkins. We bought lots of pumpkins and generally if you tell the proprietor what it is for, they cut you a deal. We got 15 med-large pumpkins for $30.00. We used all of it for the ceremony and reception and the used them to decorate our porch for Thanksgiving. We mason jars, candles, and candy corn as our centerpieces. Mason Jars are pretty cheap and I will use them for canning anyway. To add to the centerpieces, I again used the Avery Post Cards and made cards with Table Numbers on them and made it part of the table-scape. I used wire and color coordinated beads to make a holder (kinda like the ones that hold photos) and I stuck the other end into a small pumpkin that my friend and I painted with black paint and embellished with purple and green glitter paint. I made place cards, by using Avery business card paper and rubber stamping  a neat skull design in the center of each of the perforated cards, then I used the Avery website software to print the names after the stamp was dried. I cut black card stock and folded it then glued the name card to it. I also made beverage lists fo.r each table with the Avery Post card paper.

Odds and Ends: After the ceremony, there were people who felt bad because they were not able to make it to the evening reception. To keep that from happening, we had a small coffee reception at our home where those not attending the reception could get photos of us cutting a cake. I bought a cheap cake topper, a small 8inch cake from walmart and then a bunch of their mini cupcakes from the bakery. We put them out on glass trays and put fresh fall flowers around them and it really turned out beautiful.

I hope that this info was helpful to anyone who is planning a Halloween wedding or any wedding for that matter.



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