Free Wire Jewelry Tutorials- a Lovely Beaded Wire Ring

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This tutorial is prepared for you who want some pretty but not too complicated free wire jewelry tutorials; a piece of nice wire jewelry is featured by its neat appearance, which can impress people with splendid visual effect, and practical usage, which at least make you feel comfortable and happy when being worn.

Supplies and tool for this Free wire jewelry tutorial: hard steel wire, beading wire, beads of your choices, wood dowel, and round nose plier

Free wire jewelry tutorial step 1: make the early form of wire ring

Wrap the hard steel wires around wood dowel several times as per your design of the width of this wire ring; remember not to overlap the wrapped wires, just one close to another.

Free wire jewelry tutorial step 2: wrap the loop

At the ends, twist two loops shaped like P with round nose plier, and the two loops should be straight up and above the outer surface.

In addition, use plier to give a neat press to the loop ends, avoiding any scratch.

Free wire jewelry tutorial step 3: shape the full wire ring

Use beading wire to wrap several times beside one loop, thread through the loop and add your desired beads, then through the other loop, repeat the wrapping work beside the other loop; finally make a tiny knot and snip off the excess wire.

So the free wire jewelry tutorial is finished, and our wire ring is well done. Suppose you use 20 gauge steel wire, then three times of wrapping is okay to shape the proper size of the wire ring. But if you want to make the wire jewelry in exaggerated style, the wrapping times can be more and beads can be more irregular and larger.

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