How to Make a Choker Necklace - One Ribbon Choker, Two Wearing Ways

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A choker necklace, compared to a collar necklace, has kind of similarity, for example, they are both closely wrapped around wearer's neck. However, in this tutorial about how to make a choker necklace, you can find the big difference between them, which is that a collar necklace is able to emphasize the slender curve of wearer's neck, while a choker necklace can attract attentions to itself.

What are required for how to make a choker necklace are Organza ribbons or Satin Ribbon, ribbon clamps, jump rings, chain, cross pendant (or others for your options like beaded pendant out of rhinestone beads), lighter, scissors and pliers.

step 1: prepare the ribbon

Make the ribbon you choose wrap around your neck, get the general idea of the choker length, and cut it; then snip off 2/3 index finger length of the cut ribbon, as the 2/3 length is for chain use.

step 2: install clamp and chain to form the choker necklace

First, use lighter to sear the edges;

Second, thread ribbon clamp on the ends, and use professional plier to squeeze them down, making them tightly secured on the ends;

Third, open a jump ring, use it to connect one clamp with one clasp at one end; at other end, use it to connect with chain;

step 3: end the choker necklace

Try on the choker necklace, and slide clasp to a link positioned properly, so the necklace is worn right on your neck, which will not really choke you.

The above is the first wearing way you can apply in your new choker necklace; our tutorial "how to make a choker necklace" show you the second way to wear: first, turn the back side of choker necklace to the front, that is, the chain get to face others; then tear down the clasp and modify the chain length; at last, slide a pendant to the center link, so your second choker necklace is done. In addition, please pay more attention to lampwork beads wholesale, more inspiring projects be endowed with brand new ideas!!

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