Thick Friendship Bracelet

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step 1: prepare the head end of friendship bracelet

There is double-knot friendship bracelet pattern which emphasizes the color scheme involved in this creation and lack novel designs; while the tutorial about how to make thick friendship bracelets brings about this kind of thick bracelets which have sufficient space for ideal weaving patterns.

For how to make thick friendship bracelets what do you need?

Thick flosses in rainbow colors, adhesive tape, scissors and a large Pandora bead

step 1: prepare the head end of friendship bracelet

First, snip sufficient lengths of flosses in your favorite colors, suppose you want 7 colors as rainbow shows, you should prepare 14 flosses, each two in one color and align them in order;

Second, make a round knot at top part of the flosses;

step 2: weave the thick friendship bracelet

First, loop 1 around 2 and pull 1 up out of the loop to finish the first stitch;

Second, continue the rest stitches from the leftist side to rightest side to finish the first row;

Third, repeat the row building, and weave the whole friendship bracelet;

step 3: end the thick friendship bracelet project

First, stop where you desire to, and tie a firm knot there;

Second, thread your large bead onto the tail and make an end knot.

So the tutorial how to make thick friendship bracelets has finished its mission and helped you to create a personalized friendship bracelet; similarly you can make some changes, like design the patterns to be V and W shapes.

Pattern or design used: My own design - Thick Friendship Bracelet
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