How to make a Josephine knot

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How to make a Josephine knot steps

How to make a Josephine knot steps

It has been more than two thousand years since this classical Josephine knot appeared. In general, it can be divided into two main classifies: regular with one cord and progressive Sailors knot with two cords. In this article, I will mainly teach the primary regular pattern. Now, let's begin how to make a Josephine knot.

Step1: create the first clockwise loop

Place a 50cm long cord on board and make a loop with the left half end.

Step2: create loop 2 for Josephine Knot

Take the right working end and pass through the center position of loop1. Be sure the end stops over loop 1. Then direct it pass under the left end.

Step3: make the loop 3

Lead the right end to weave through the loop1 and loop2 like over-under-over-under as shown.

Step4: complete the Josephine knot

Adjust the positions of three loops and pull on the ends lightly.

So easy, is it?

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