How to make spoon jewelry within quick 3 steps

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How to make spoon jewelry step 2
How to make spoon jewelry step 3
How to make spoon jewelry step 2

How to make spoon jewelry step 2

A set of old tea spoons are of great usage, do you know? Our how to make spoon jewelry tutorial owns the purpose of digging up the unusual side of the spoons. These tea spoons are always high quality and made of silver. Because of the long times of use and the oxidization of air, the well-carved spoons lose their original color and luster. But we can turn the dim kitchen stuff into blingy fashion jewelry.

What are the necessities for how to make spoon jewelry?

Old tea spoons, big jump rings, beaded pendant (optional), mallet, bench block, pliers, driller, jeweler's saw and polishing pad.

step 1: prepare the base of spoon jewelry

First, heat the spoons till they become soft, and snip off the handles with saw;

Second, sand the edges, and use driller or punch plier to punch neat holes at both ends and sand the holes' edges.

step 2: assemble the main parts together

First, hammer out the desired curls you need for the handles, such as half circle;

Second, open one jump ring and connect two handles together; and slide two jump rings to rest holes;

Third, use polishing pad to polish out the oxides of the handles.

step 3: finish the spoon jewelry

First, thread clasp onto the rest jump rings;

Second, slide the beaded pendant onto the first jump ring.

Now the tutorial about how to make spoon jewelry is over, and this recycled spoon bracelet is well done. During the process of the spoon jewelry making, you can also make best use of the bowl parts of spoons: use mallet to shape the bowl into what you desire and do some stamping work, then the bowls become dangling pendants which can be hung to the jump ring.

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dtoner writes: how do you heat them up, with a torch?, and aprox. how long does it take.
Posted: 9:04 am on March 6th
WilsonSmith writes: I must say that overall I am really impressed with this blog.It is easy to see that you are impassioned about your writing.

Posted: 2:24 am on November 19th
windupherskirt writes: great tips. where are the instructions on how to make that double spoon cuff shown in the picture?

Posted: 10:45 pm on October 21st
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