Bracelet with Unique Rhombus Beaded Bracelet Pattern

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Bead Bracelet
Supplies and Tools Needed when make a bead bracelet
How to make a bead bracelet step 1 and 2
How to make a bead bracelet step 3 and 4
Bead Bracelet

Bead Bracelet

Each time when passed by the accessory shops, I will always be deeply attracted by the shinning crystal bracelets, and besides that, the various beaded bracelet pattern also get me so obsessed! Thus, I have made some pieces like that at home! However, if you do not know how to begin this work, here I will present you how to make a bead bracelet that owns its distinctive pattern!

How to make a bead bracelet?

Step1: Make the starting loop part

Firstly, cut out about 80cm tiger tail, more if you want a larger size bead bracelet. Next, string about 5~7 pieces at the center and finally cross the two tips through one yellow Bicone Glass Bead.

Step2: Make beaded bracelet pattern

While making the rhombus pattern for how to make a bead bracelet, it can be simply divided into three parts:

Part1: when finished the step1, add one yellow Bicone Glass Bead on each wire and at last cross from another one bead with both wire tips for getting a complete circle.

Part2: string three clear Bicone Glass Beads on either tip, and then restring the same tip through the firstly added clear Bicone Glass Bead. After tighten the wire, you will get an Inverted triangle. Similarly, repeat the same process for another tip.

Part3: cross the two tips through one pink Bicone Glass Bead. Then, add one pink clear Bicone Glass Bead to each tip and again cross both two tips together from another pink clear Bicone Glass Bead.

So far, you will get a full rhombus with crystal beads, and this is the main component of beaded bracelet pattern.

Step3: Repeat the crystal rhombus for a bead bracelet

After handling the basic beading method for the crystal rhombus, in this step, just repeat until you get an ideal length for your bracelet.

Step4: The ending work of instructions for making beaded bracelets

String 5~7 pieces seed beads as you did in step1. Then tie a knot at the end, and next, attach the Brass Lobster Claw Clasp and Brass End Piece to your bracelet. There, you have it now!

When follow main steps for this beaded bracelet pattern, you may need to pay much attention to the situation of the tiger tail wire, especially when came across the part that made of clear Bicone Crystal Beads, a wrong wire direction may get you confused! For more other instructions for making beaded bracelets, welcome to our learning center! By the way, any suggestions or creativities about how to make a bead bracelet are accepted here!

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Pattern or design used: My own design - Beaded Bracelet
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