Dangle Earrings with Cherry Strand Feeling

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Dangle Earrings
Earring making steps 2
Dangle Earrings

Dangle Earrings

Fresh earring making ideas you may need in the bright summer days! Besides pretty skirts and cool drinks, a piece of beautiful jewelry like earrings is also a must-have. What symbolizes your feelings to this summer? Vivid orange and passionate red; why not try making dangle earrings of cherry like feeling to express your love to this summer!

Materials you may apply in the earring making ideas:


Glass Bead (abacus shaped and round shaped, both red colors)


Iron Chain


Brass Ball Headpin


Iron Earring Hook


Tools may apply in the earring making ideas:


Side Cutting Plier


Wire-Cutter Plier


Round Nose Plier


Here we'd like to start the earring making ideas.


Earring making ideas-Step 1: prepare the pendant parts


First, cut two pieces of iron chain, the strengths of which depend on your design.


Second, take three round glass beads and thread the head pins through the beads; and then apply round nose plier to loop the heap pins.


Third, fetch nine abacus shaped beads, and repeat the above processes.


Earring making ideas-Step 2: make earring pendant


Attach the three round beads onto the top links of the prepared chain; and then connect the rest beads to other links in a fluent and symmetrical order.


Earring making ideas-Step 3: complete the cherry earring making instructions

Assemble the earring hook and the pendant together, okay, one earring is done;

Repeat the three steps and finish the other earring.

Therefore, your earring making instructions for a pair of cheery strand earrings are done, and the earring making idea is carried out all by yourself. Don't you feel gleeful to put into practice one of your earring making ideas; what you are holding in hand previously existed in your mind, but now they are turned into real item. So you should be proud of your work.

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Pattern or design used: My own design - Dangle Earrings with Cherry Strand Feeling
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