Dangle Earrings

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Dangle Earrings
How to make dagle earrings step 3 and 4
Dangle Earrings

Dangle Earrings

Can you image that make dangle earrings with very limited materials? When seeing so much stylish dangling earrings at department stores, there are so many to choose from and some may cost a lot that not all can afford them. Here's a tutorial about how to make dangle earrings all by yourself at home instead of spending money on the store-bought items. Now, let's just begin.

Materials you need for pearl dangling earrings:


Imitate Pearl-style Glass Bead


Brass Ball Headpin


Iron Earring Hook


Tools you need for pearl dangling earrings:


Round Nose Plier

How to make dangle earrings?


Step1: Make the main branches of pearl dangling earrings


Pick up 3 Imitate Pearl-style Glass Beads and 3 Brass Ball Headpins (20mm~26mm). Group each bead with one pin, and then bent the end of each pin into a loop.


Step2: Assemble separate parts


In this step, you should assemble the above separate parts one after one to one of the complete pearl dangling earrings. After that, close the loops at end of ball headpins.


Step3: Attach the earring hook

The part you get in step2 is mainly of your pearl dangling earrings; next just attach the earring hook to the main dangling part. And one of the pearl dangling earrings has been finished!


Step4: Make another one pearl dangling earring

Repeat the above three steps and you will get a pair of elegant pearl dangling earrings then!

While following most craft instructions refer to how to make dangle earrings, you may find that most of them are extremely easy-to-learn and will not cost too much. These items can also send to other as meaningful gifts! Just try more easy pearl dangling earrings like this as possible as you can!

Pattern or design used: My own design - Dangle Pearl Earrings
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