How to Make Wearable Wings

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FriendyWendy Wendy Sloneker, contributor
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Ta-da! Oh, yes, you can create these, too!
A butterfly frame.
Add elastic but not too tightly! This is for fitting.
Ta-da! Oh, yes, you can create these, too!

Ta-da! Oh, yes, you can create these, too!

Photo: Wendy Sloneker

These wings are sure to give you a lift! Bird, butterfly, bat, or dragonfly...or your own design. Absolutely! Warm up your hands to work the stiff wire, and bend away to create your own wingspan for costumes or dress-up. Goth them out, pretty them up, and wear the heck out of them!

You can make these, too!

Wendy's Wearable Wings: This version touts plaster cloth and paint on a wire armature—elastic loops for arms. I'm ready for takeoff! Or just a trip to the store for more milk.


  • Baling, or baler's, wire (yep, the reference here is for hay, as in hay bales) from a hardware store
  • Clear acrylic finishing spray or Mod Podge and a foam brush—either, not both
  • Heavy duty wire snips—do not ruin your jeweler's cutters on this project!
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Elastic cord
  • Clear nail polish
  • Decorative elements: plaster cloth and paint, tulle netting, spider-web material, ribbons, beads, faux fur/boas to line the wire with

Getting Started
Baling wire smells stinky and it sometimes leaves a stain (it rusts), so plan to wash your hands! Or use latex or gardener's gloves while working with it. The basic structure is ideally made from one very long piece of wire. Shape a square or rectangle that will rest against the shoulder blades. Elastic will be tied to the upper corner points of this rectangle and again at the midpoint or lower corners of the rectangle.

Measure—or estimate—from shoulder blade to shoulder blade. This is the width of the rectangle. The height of the rectangle/square should be at least 6 inches.
Wrap the ends of the wire around the rectangle/square and squeeze the ends of the wire with the needle-nose pliers. Make sure the ends are coiled tight and won't snag at clothing or scratch skin.

Wire armature

One long piece of wire creates this armature. Tie the elastics to the top of each side of the rectangle, then loosely at the mid connecting points of the wings. Tie securely once you have the right fit.

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