How to Tie Friendship Bracelet Knots

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This tutorial will teach you how to tie the basic knots for friendship bracelets- first a forward knot, then a backward knot. Once you can make these knots, you'll be able to make your own thread friendship bracelets!

To make the photos easier to follow, I've used one pink and one green thread. Just follow through the pictures and instructions in order, and you'll have the knots perfect in no time.

Forward Knot


Also known as a right knot, this is generally considered to be the most basic knot. It involves moving a thread from the left to the right.

  1. Lay your strings out side by side
  2. Cross the left hand string over the right. This is the direction you will be moving it in!
  3. Now pull the left hand string under the right and up through the loop that you've created. Be careful to keep the right hand string straight and tight!
  4. Pull the thread through the loop to the right- remember that this is the direction you want this forward knot to go in!
  5. Pull on the knot to tighten. Remeber to keep the secondary string taut, and don't make the knot too tight- it needs to be secure, but don't pull too hard.
  6. And repeat! It's VERY important to ensure that each knot is doubled, otherwise your bracelet will not work!
  7. And now you have a finished forward knot! You can see how the green thread has moved across the pink thread from left to right.
The Backward Knot


The backward, or left-hand knot, is essentially exactly the same as the forward, except you are moving the string from right to left.

  1. As with the forward knot, lay your strings out side by side.
  2. Cross the right-hand string over the left.
  3. Pass the right-hand thread under the secondary thread and pull it up through the loop.
  4. Pull the thread up through the loop and out to the left- this is the direction the thread should be travelling in.
  5. And pull to tighten the knot, making sure to keep the active thread as straight and tight as possible, or your knot will not form correctly.
  6. Repeat! Your knot will NOT be complete unless you do this stage properly, so don't skip it!
  7. Gently tighten the knot to complete it- you have successfully moved the thread from right to left!

It takes a bit of practice to get these knots perfect, so try them a few times! Just slide the secondary (straight) string through the knot to undo and start again. Try to make your knots fairly tight, but not too tight or your bracelet will be warped. Everyone has a different preference for string tension and knot size, so again, keep trying! And remember to keep the secondary string taut as you knot around it.

Once you've perfected the knots, then you'll be ready to make a bracelet!

See the rest of my friendship bracelet tutorials, including lots of different patterns, on my blog's friendship bracelet tutorial page.



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