How to Make a Woodburned Gourd Birdhouse with a Nasturtium Flower Drawing

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When you think of a dried gourd I am sure you automatically think of a birdhouse, right? Well, there's a good reason for that because gourds really do make excellent homes for birds! I will show you how to transform two gourds into a lovely, rustic birdhouse with a roof, decorated with a woodburned wreath of nasturtium blossoms. By Bernadette Fox for

Materials List:

1. Two prepared gourds: An apple gourd and the top half of a martin house gourd.

2. Drill gun, drill bit (size appropriate for diameter of cord for hanging), and hole saw (1.5" is for many song birds although you may want it a bit smaller or larger to accommodate a particular bird in your backyard.).

3. Nasturtium pattern found on my website:

4. Transfer supplies which may include charcoal, chalk, or graphite paper, stylus or blunt pencil, and masking tape.

5. Woodburner along with knife tip and round nose tip.

6. 2 ft. of cord for hanging of your choice.

7. Brown shoe polish, cotton swabs, and paper towel8. Exterior wood glue9. Exterior polyurethane


1. Drill hole in apple gourd with drill gun and hole saw.

2. Draw shingles on roof and woodburn lines with knife tip. Use the round nose tip for shading. This is done by making dots with the tip using a pouncing motion. The closer the dots the darker the shading and vice versa.

3. Transfer flower pattern to apple gourd and woodburn and shade with round nose tip.

4. Apply brown shoe polish to the shaded areas of the roof and to the entire apple gourd except for the flowers. Do this with cotton swabs and paper towel.

5. Drill hole near stem of roof and attach cord for hanging.

6. Glue roof onto apple gourd.

7. Seal birdhouse with 3 coats of polyurethane.

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