DIY Beaded Tube Bracelet

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(This post is from my DIY blog, SwellMayde. You can check out more projects at!)

I love this time of year and to continue this month's holiday theme, I have put together another DIY gift idea. My favorite handmade gift to give others is jewelry. Here, I show you how to make a beautiful and delicate beaded tube bracelet. The possibilities with color are endless. Use one color throughout or create a multi-colored design. Your loved ones will adore it!



- seed beads

- gold tube  

- fine beading wire

- 2 crimps

- 2 small jump rings

- lobster claw

- pliers

- scissors



1. Cut an 8" length of beading wire. At one end, loop through the crimp.

2. Clamp the crimp with the pliers and cut the excess.

3. Add a small jump ring and lobster claw to the looped end.

4. String beads through the wire. First seed beads, then the gold tube bead, then mirror the same length of seed beads once again. The amount of beads depends on your wrist size. Also, have fun with the bead design. Try a variety of colors.

5. Loop the other end of beading wire through a crimp and add a small jump ring. Then, clamp the crimp with pliers. And you're done! Easy peasy!


Pattern or design used: My own design - SwellMayde
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