Amazing Spider Man Hi-top Custom Hand Painted Canvas Shoes

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Amazing Spider Man Hi-top Custom Hand Painted Canvas Shoes

Having been released on the same day, the Spiderman and Batman never stop the battle on different aspects. the comparation between the two seems to be endless. For the Spiderman, a highschool genius that after a freak accident is given radioactive powers that award him extraordinary abilities like that of a Spider but after one sad night, he realizes with Great Power comes Great Responsibilty. While in the other corner stands a man on a quest to vanquish the filth in his city after his parents are gunned down in front of him, with zero powers but a lot of money, free time and a lifetime of training he battles the scum that terrorize his city with his intellect, gadgets and fists! Actually in a word, the poor depend on the Mutation, while the rich depend on the Science and Technology. But we depend on your choice, the spiderman or the batman?

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