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Ribbon Bracelets

These bracelets are all made from ribbon and they are all embellished with vintage buttons The second picture shows some that have additional bead embellishments. The last picture shows one that I...

Winter Symphony

I bought the black silk shawl with rayon fringe on ebay for $9.99, and the purse at thrift store for $.99. I added ribbon worked flowers made from new and vintage ribbons to both so that they would...

Button Flashbacks Purse

This purse project was designed for my students who did not know how to sew on the sewing machine, but wanted to make something creative. Timtex was cut out in either a rectangular or round shape...

Shabby and Stitched Recycled Embroidered Vest

This was a wonderful project to work on, just me, 12 colors of pearl cotton, a needle, a thimble, a pair of scissors, and about 75 hours of stitching. When I bought the vest, most of the red cotton...

Woodland Elf- Water

The centerpiece is a dyed gourd, that rests upon a piece of driftwood. The necklace is encrusted with tiny sea urchins found along the beaches of Southern California. Many vintage Mother of Pearl...

Polgara's Mask- Earth

Polgara's Mask started with the eye piece, a gnarled tree root in the form of a figure eight and the handle of the mask both found on a nature walk. The pheasant feathers are from an old hat, the...

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Re: Shabby and Stitched Recycled Embroidered Vest

Thank you so much for your comments, I love your flowers! Christen

Re: Button Flashbacks Purse

Timtex is a product that is similar to interfacing because it adds body to the piece. It is used in baseball caps and such. It is about 1/8" or so thick. Try your local quilt store for the product.