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Feather Boa Wreath

I was shopping one day and saw this absolutely adorable feather wreath. Of course the price tag was more than I was willing to spend (over $50). So I went to the craft store and bought a few foam...

1950's Wool Dress Recycled

My Mom is a fashionable woman. She is the fount of so much of my skills in art and crafting, not only genetically but also learned. From a child through my adulthood she and I have crafted together...

I Love Fuschias!

Time to create something new (again). I look out at the winter snow over my balcony which is bare of hanging planters this time of year and I miss my fuschia baskets. I love those flowers with their...

Beaded Fabric Rose Scarf

I made this scarf for my best friend in her favorite colors of beiges, reds, oranges and greens. I used ribbon and fabrics (silk, velvet, satin), beads and embroidery.  The scarf facing is a...

Square Cuboctahedra

Having fun with business cards! The instructions for making folded business card shapes are all over the internet and I couldn't stop myself from trying it. It eventually became a blog (Adventures of...

Expandable Pearl Bracelet

I had a multi-strand pearl necklace that broke. I purchased an expandable silver bracelet base for $5 from an online jewelry supply and went to the local craft store and bought 3/4 inch head pins...

Vintage Brooch Bracelet

My coworker had a lovely 2 inch vintage brooch that had a broken clasp. She gave it to me and said "maybe you can do something with this". So I did. I removed the broken clasp from the back and...

Framed Up Brooches

I saw this idea in a magazine (Dita Von Teese had this in her bedroom holding her brooch collection with an ornate gold frame). I needed access to my vintage and modern brooch collection so that I...

Vintage Jewels Made New

Old vintage rhinestone earrings were soldered onto an inexpensive purchased silver bracelet (one used to make typewriter key jewelry). The clip backs were removed before attaching. I gave these as...

recent comments

Re: Book Giveaway: Betz White's "Sewing Green: 25 Projects Made with Repurposed & Organic Materials"

Okay, I'm in! I think I've only won 2 things in my lifetime so this would be fun if I won a copy of this book! :-)

Re: 1950's Wool Dress Recycled


I plan to. I'm still working on the project right now. :) Thanks!

Re: Vintage Jewels Made New


Believe it or not I didn't use a torch. I used a solder iron and lead free solder. It worked and those puppies are on there good and solid! I do stained glass (for fun and gifts) and I just used the techniques I knew. I'd be afraid I'd burn the house down with a blow torch!


Re: 1950's Wool Dress Recycled

It's so wonderful to read such heartfelt comments ... it really makes me smile inside! I'm still playing with the fabric and design. I'm actually leaning towards making her a hat. I know, it's ambitious, but I've never done a hat before so it would be my first one! Mom loves hats, she is such a hat junkie. I can imagine her wearing it and it would look so cute on her little 5 foot 95 pound frame (yes, Mom is that tiny ... did they always make tiny people back then?!). I have the most fun Vogue vintage hat patterns ... hmmmm. I probably have enough fabric to do a hat and scarf come to think of it. I need to ponder this more.

Re: I Love Fuschias!

I took this scarf to work today and my coworker said she absolutely did not like the "christmas green" of the satin. I was hoping to find a more olive color in my stash but I didn't have it and told her that the jewel tone of the forest green came close to my vision. Funny, but it's interesting how one person may not like a color but another person may say "hey, I love it". Personally, I think it's just fine! :-)

Re: I Love Fuschias!

I took this scarf to work today and my coworker said she absolutely did not like the "christmas green" of the satin. I was hoping to find a more olive color in my stash but I didn't have it and told her that the jewel tone of the forest green came close to my vision. Funny, but it's interesting how one person may not like a color but another person may say "hey, I love it". Personally, I think it's just fine! :-)

Re: Wall to Wall Paper


I applaud you and the other contributors and staff of interns for such an outstanding and awesome booth wall! I loved it so much I thought seriously about taking all my old magazines and folding them up and putting them on my wall! The vinyl was an inspiration too. I wonder how heavy that wall was after they were all hung up?! ;-)

Re: Felt Like Knitting does Flower Power

Your felted purse is just gorgeous! Thanks for posting this! :-)

Re: a bit of PINK

This is just the cutest thing! I love it! And the magnet idea is fabulous because I'm always dropping pins (and stepping on them later!). :-)

Re: Wool felt and zipper flowers

What a fab idea! These flowers are adorable and so fun! I love it. :-) Put them on a felted purse or even a felted scarf ... a great way to make a recycled gift!

Re: So CraftStylish at CHA

This pictures of the booth just underscore the fact that Craftstylish is an awesome website full of awesomely creative people! I'm glad to be a part of this family! Now I can sit my Jeff "Waste" can made of magazines in a room with a wall decorated with the stack of magazines I've folded to look like your booth! How fun is that! Kudos!! :-)

Re: How to Make a Valentine from an Onion

Now if only you could do something with Lemons .... ?! My favorite quote is "When life hands you lemons, find the person with the vodka!". I love this onion card (and laughed reading your thoughts on the special day as they seemed to have echoed my own). I will definitely start sending myself a Valentines Day card! How inspiring in more ways than one! :-)

Re: Crude Company - Raw Jewelry and Ornament

I am entranced with the texture of the pillow and it's dimensional quality! It's a gorgeous work of art and I think you did a fantastic job! Kudos for using the recycled materials and bamboo fluff ... :-)

Re: Framed Up Brooches

Note: I've run out of space on my brooch holder. I'm going to divide them up and make 2 framed holders. Seems my brooches are breeding somehow, I have no clue where they are coming from! ::::looking up in the air and whistling:::: ;-)

Re: Somebody Else's Periwinkle Blue Skinny Jeans, Made Mine

I'm wondering if I can put together a bi-annual (Spring/Summer - Fall/Winter) clothes swap with my gal pals?! (A Martini Clothing Exchange ... have a martini, go shopping for free!) How fun!! I've been taking many of my things to a consignment shop but would love to know that my friends (and their friends, and other friends of friends) would enjoy the clothes I can no longer or don't wish to wear. Thanks for sharing this experience with us! Even a jewelry exchange would be fun to add (gotta have some accessories!). :-)

Re: New items made from different kinds of yarn

I love the texture of the pom-pom like neck warmer. Very lovely and fun!

Re: How to "Waste" Paper

Love this! Want this! Will have to make this out of all those magazines I have stacked up in the corner! I might even use mine as an unusual housewarming gift container.

Re: my crafts

What a beautiful cover! I will use your idea for my sketchbooks because the covers of them look so "blah". Time to hit my fabric stash! Thanks for the great idea. :-)

Re: "100% Trash, So You Know It's Good!"

Oh, instead of ringlets to elevate the center freeform design, using the quilling technique and making a roll out of the matching wrapping paper would look good also. This way you can cut the strips of paper the width you want the height to be and the showing edges will be colorful as well when viewed from the side. ;-)

Re: "100% Trash, So You Know It's Good!"

Jeff: Saw you in Elle Decor with the lovely floral paper sculpture you did (I kept saying "why am I not in a magazine?!"). Looked you up on Google and found you here! Awesome! I'm going to take your wreath idea and run with it as an ornament, and I'm going to also use your recycled idea but expand on it using Christmas cards I've saved from previous years! I found a cool ornament idea that is origami in nature and 3D and I'm going to spin it in the center out of a mix of leftover silver glitter wrapping paper and cards! I'll post a photo when I get these done. Thanks for being here. If I get stuck on ideas I'll be sure to ask you for input.