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Re: How to Make Snuggly Slippers from Old Sweaters

Simple ADORE Mary Jane & Ballet Slippers!!
Love wearing something on my feet as My Sweetheart calls
me his Little Pop Sickle.
Have so many beautiful Sweaters that belong to me and my identical Twin Sister!
Was going to try selling them or taking to resale.
For people who have yard sale or try resale boutiques in
Arizona they sometime go for so little.
Many with the most amazing textures, yarns, colors, hues & patterns. Wonderful PROJECT!!! ADORE IT!!
Would really love to see the results of other artisans
out there doing this project!!!

Re: How to Crochet a Button Charm Necklace

Love this Tutorial as I have many unique & beautiful vintage
beads in many fantastic shapes. WOW!! Need to touch up on
my Crochet skills Have been wanting to relearn for a while