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How to Sew a Case for Your Mobile Device

This quick project will cover everything from cellphones, mp3 players, to eReaders with ease.

Notes from Campus: Design from A to Z

What's been happening this week at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, New York.

Pink Greeting Card

My Breast Cancer Awareness greeting card.

Inspiration Found!

Flea market shopping provides great inspiration!

It Starts With the Sketchbook

How to choose and use your sketchbook for developing your creative ideas.

A Look at Paris Fashion Week

My picks from Paris fashion week.

From Inspiration to Creation

See how everyday objects can be translated into fantastic products.

The Challenge of Constantly Creating

How to get inspired and push your design to the next level.

Appropriately American

My thoughts on New York Fashion Week.

Starting with the Universe

My review of the Buckminster Fuller exhibit at the Whitney Museum in New York City.

Eyes of Ingenuity and Minds of Evolution

I'm Alex Sudalnik, the newest contributor to CraftStylish. In my coming posts, I hope you'll join me in an exploration of creativity and inspiration.