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Re: unique semi-precious and sterling silver earrings

Getting stones like this for jewellery making at home is actually quite easy. It's faceting and drilling the holes that takes really craft!

Re: How to Make Your Own Silver Jewelry with Ivory Pearls

This is gorgeous jewellery and quite well put together. And even more so because you make them yourself! There's definitely a sense of accomplishment there!

Re: How to Make Wire-Crochet Jewelry

The process of making this is truly complicated! In comparison, I think Antique Jewellery was made more with a melt the metal and set it kind of method and could probably considered a much simpler way of doing things!

Re: How to Make a Collar Necklace with Button Bling

I love seeing how people are able to come up with wonderful ways of creating their own jewellery. Some of them, like this button piece, could be compared to certain antique jewellery pieces even!

Re: DIY Lace and Chandelier Wedding Card

Lighting is not very good on this, but it looks like a really pretty design. Done the same on some cloth, it could be a nice holder for antique silver or antique jewellery even.

Re: Purse Vintage evening bag, pearls, jewel, brass, black clutch

They truly don't make purses and bags like this anymore. I think you'd have to tear apart some art deco jewellery to achieve the same effect these days!

Re: White vintage purse, rhinestones, pearls, jewel clutch with pressed bleeding hearts

What a lovely purse piece! It would go splendidly along with some art deco jewellery or Victorian Jewellery I think! Definitely something to bring out on a special occasion!

Re: Maintenance Tips For Sterling Silver Jewelry

Silver tarnishes relatively easy so if you want to maintain a proper shine and quality of your jewellery then you're going to want to make sure you send your items to a jewellers for regular cleaning. Or put in the elbow grease and take the time to sit with your items and polish, polish, polish!