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Re: How to Edge a Blanket in Crochet

I love putting edges on fleece blankets and I use this wonderful tool that I found here:

to pop the even holes in a piece of new fleece or repurposed fabric.
It's also Great for putting crocheted edges on t-shirts, sweatshirts, any type of clothing or cloth.

Since you can use it with your rotary cutter, it's just cut your fabric, then change out the blade and put the holes in for the edging.
It's that easy.

Another easy way to make a cheap fleece blanket wonderful...

Some discount stores: Dollar General, Big Lots even places like Walmart, Kmart etc all are now selling average sized fleece throw blankets in all colors and patterns for anywhere from $2.50 to $10 and they already have a machine sewn edge around them. I just pull out the "not so great" edging thread that they used and put my own crochet border around the blanket, sometimes even making it very involved and very wide. I've also taken these inexpensive blankets and put them out on a large flat cutting surface, cut out several holes, evenly or un-evenly, but usually square or rectangle shaped and crochet an insert for the holes that goes well with the wider border that I've crocheted.

People think that these blankets are amazing and are always impressed with the blanket when finished.

One great resource for this is also the "no-sew" fleece blanket kits. I've found that these kits make very small short blankets, that are only the size and suitable for children.
Using one of the cheaper fleece blankets as a backing, I take the Kit fleece and crochet it all together to make a larger and much "groovier" blanket from the first idea.

You can always make something "your own" with any type of stitching that you enjoy doing.

Go for it!

Re: Easy Peasy Crochet Bag

You are a fantastic teacher!!!!

I love the tutorial for this bag!

I'm going to make one slightly bigger, with feltable wools, and even though people don't always line a felted bag, I still like to line them.

Your lining a bag tutorial is amazing and so easy!!

I've made several bags for different people, and the linings were always the toughest part, until I saw your tutorial!

You are a super teacher.

I teach basic crochet, but when it comes to branching out, I give my students lists of different sites and blogs, and your blog is at the very top of that list!

Blessings to you and please keep up the great tutorials!



I'm even more of a newbie-I've always wanted to sew...
Hopefully, my disability and time constraints won't hinder my learning from this site.

If you ever need anything-yarn(I spin my own-will dye to I don't charge friends), something that I can crochet for you, knit for you, or anything-Even just someone to talk to....feel free to look me up..

I'm here, in eastern PA alone most days -cept for my pup, Ruby, who's a beautiful tiny(undersized actually) mostly black Affenspinscher, who while keeps me company, also can keep me from my projects as

But she never keeps me from friends... is my email 484-529-4597 is my cell (tmobile)

And feel free to contact me anytime from 3 am through 8pm...if you text, you can text later-obviously It's after midnight tonight and I'm still

Blessings to you & for all whom you love!!!

Here alone, and not in the least bit sleepy...Anne

Re: Try this!! You'll never have so much fun again!

Neither of you even look close to 30 to me...
You both look like your my daughter's age, and she's just 21.

Age is just a state of mind... My husband will be 60 in just less than a month, and no one would believe he's that far "up the hill" I'm 43yrs and people look at me and think I'm the 50yr

It's what YOU think that counts!