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Some Bright and Colorful Pop Art Style Acrylic Paintings

These are some acrylic paintings I did recently.  They are done on cold press watercolor paper.  I love using lots of bright and bold colors.  I might scan them into the computer and...

Halloween Vintage Image Pendants

Halloween is my favorite time of the year so I made these Halloween themed pendants.  I use vintage images and wooden tiles to make the necklaces.

Hand Painted Earrings

These earrings are drawn, painted, and cut from hard plastic.  I used acrylic paint and found the glittery, metallic paint worked the best.

Vintage Image Pendants on Antique Copper

I was excited to find antique copper bails as well as brass to use on my vintage image pendants.  These are made by adhering the image to a wood base.

Vintage Image Pendants on Antique Brass

I came across antique brass bails so I decided to use them with my vintage image pendants which are made with a wood base.  I also found some cool textured antique brass chain to hand them on.

Antique Silver Vintage Image Pendants

I have been making these vintage image pendants on a wood base for awhile now.  I decided to make them more vintage looking by putting them on a antique silver chain.  I was also able to...

Pendants With Vintage Asian Papers

I made these using wood tiles and images of vintage Asian papers.

Valentine Pendants

I made some pendants for Valentine's Day using vintage images and some pretty papers.  The base for the pendants are wood tiles.

Button Earrings

I had a bag of cool buttons just sitting in my drawer so I decided to put them to use and make earrings.  I used pliers to remove the shanks, sanded than glued post earring blanks to the backs.

Victorian Photo Pendants

I made these pendants on a wood base using some great old victorian era photographs.  I just love anything vintage.

Wood Pendants With Pretty Papers

I had some really pretty paper laying around--cannot resist buying it everytime I am at the craft store--so I decided to make some of my wood tile pendants out of the papers.  It was a bit more...

Nature Themed Pendants

I made these pendents using wood tiles and photographs.  I love photos of things in nature.  These photos are courtesy of Jon Sullivan.

Vintage Image Pendants With Children

Here are some of my vintage image pendants made from my collection of old books and postcards.  These all have the theme of children.  The images are decoupaged onto a wood tile and covered...

Fantasy Themed Art Pendants

Besides animals I love doing fantasy themed art.  These pendants are made on a wood tile using my color pencil artwork.

Animal Art Pendants

These are some art pendants I made using my artwork.  Animals always have been one of my favorite subjects in my art.  These are made using wood tiles as a base.

Hand-Drawn & Painted Necklaces

I made these necklaces out of shrink plastic. I hand-drew them, then "painted" with colored pencils and ink. They were really fun to make and gave me another way to use my colored pencils. The...

Hand Painted Wood Pendants

I used a wood base and acrylic paints to make these pendants.  I freehanded the designs then sealed with an acrylic gloss sealer.

Collaged Art Pendants

I made these pendants using wood bases which I hand painted.  I then collaged them using all the odds and ends of cool stuff I have in supplies.  They are finished with a sealer.  I...

Vintage Image Pendants

I have a huge collection of vintage illustrations from all kinds of books, postcards etc. that have been passed down through my family.  I made tiny prints and decoupaged them to a wood base to...

Pendants With Swarvoski Crystals

These are pendants made with a wood base and my original artwork.  I also added Swarvoski Crystals to each one.

Glow In The Dark Halloween Pendants

I found some really cool papers with glow in the dark Halloween designs and just had to turn it into pendants.  The white parts of the pendants really glow an eerie green in the dark when...

Skulls & Skeleton Pendants

These are some of my handmade pendants with a Skull / Halloween theme. I create them using a wood base and my artwork. I am trying to get a jump on the Halloween season.

Art Pendants Made From Original Artwork and Wood

These are are few of my original art pendants. They are made from my artwork on a wood base

recent comments

Re: Antique Silver Vintage Image Pendants

Thank you so much for the nice comments!

Re: Four Crows Art

These prints are wonderful. Love art that has birds--one of my favorite things to draw.

Re: Victorian Photo Pendants

Thank you so much!

Re: Nature Themed Pendants

Thank you so much!

Re: Make Your Own Skull Beads

Love your skull beads. I love all skull/Halloween related things. Fantastic bracelet.

Re: Button Jewelry at the Expo!

Those are great. I have a large stash of old buttons from my Mom and Grandmother. I will have to dig them out!

Re: Pink Pearl,Quartz and LeafEarrings

These are so pretty and unique!

Re: Macrame with Soft Flex Wire

These are beautiful and I love the colors. Thanks for sharing.

Re: Hand-Drawn & Painted Necklaces

Thanks mypye! I used color pencil to color these. The rough & ready plastic shrink sheets work very well with color pencil. Paint works okay but tends to get too dark once they are baked.

Re: Collaged Art Pendants

Thanks everyone! For these I used Liquitex high gloss acrylic sealer. I have tried others but find I like this the best.

Re: Pendants With Swarvoski Crystals

Thanks so much!

Re: How to Turn Fabric into a Sparkly Embellishment

What a great and inventive idea! I many times see such great fabric and think "what can I do with that?", now I know. Thanks for sharing.

Re: Glow In The Dark Halloween Pendants

Thank you! It's ok Trusk4u--I wish I had more of this paper because they would make cool earrings too!

Re: Jewelry

These are all so pretty! Great bead work with polymer clay.

Re: Frightfully Funky Feather Wreath

I totally LOVE this! I just love anything Halloween and this wreath is really original and so funky. Great creation.

Re: Vintage Image Pendants

Thank you so much! Susan--checked out your Etsy Shop--your bags are adorable! iHanna--I use a 3 dimensional sealer by Plaid. After MUCH experimenting it seems to give me the best results.

Re: Skulls & Skeleton Pendants

Thank you so much!

Re: Black and Gold Sequin Necklace

Very stunning necklace!

Re: Terri Ventura's Vintage Treasures

Really lovely creations. I just love anything vintage and old.

Re: Beaded Flowers

These are just gorgeous.

Re: Latest Hemp Jewelry Creations

Very nice, I especially like the purple one. I tried hemp once--just made a mess! Very well done.