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Mini Monster Pouches

This is a very small adaptation of my original drawstring backpack design.  Folks tell me that these fun little pouches are great for carrying all sorts of items. They are big enough for your...

Remarkable & Memorable Secret Postcard Pocket Purse

Over the years, my secret postcard purse has been the most popular of my designs. It features a transparent panel that allows you to change the look by inserting photos, postcards, you name it.

Monster Backpacks by ArtsiBitsi

In these troubled times, a girl needs someone strong and fierce watching her back.  These resourceful monsters are supportive and helpful -- just what today's independant female needs. :-)

Fashion Backpacks by Artsi Bitsi

I developed this backpack design to be fashionable and functional.  All of the bags are fully lined for strength and structure.  The straps are part of the drawstring closure, so its...

Hobo Bags by Artsi Bitsi

My hobo-style bags feature long straps so that you can wear them across your chest, or over your shoulder.  They close with a button or snap.  They're big enough for all your stuff, but...

recent comments

Re: Make an Incredible Shrinking Necklace

My circles aren't very circular after shrinking. I don't know what shape they are -- maybe elliptical.

Any advice?

Re: Eco-lovely Bag

It's all about shopping at the right stores to get the prettiest bags, isn't it?


Re: Love-ly Tote

Cool collage!

Re: Eco-chic gear head bag

Nice design and I love that you used fused plastic bags. This may be the best designed and executed recycled plastic bag I've ever seen.


Re: Turn Photos and Words into Fabric.

Beautiful work.

Initially, I had some trouble getting the photo sheets to feed through my ink-jet printer. The sheets kept jamming. But I put a strip of (low-tack) painter's tape along the edge and that helped a lot. For some reason, it worked even better if I put the tape on messily, with some creases and wrinkles.

But once I got the sheets printed, and followed the instructions to make them color-fast, I was really impressed with the color, detail, and saturation.


Re: Free Thread Drawing

Ohhh.. a drawing for free thread.

I thought that this was post for a new embroidery technique, like freehand drawing, only with thread.


Re: Boreal Forest Tote

Really nicely done. I like how the texture suggests the bark of a tree too.

Re: Dragonfly Tote


Re: Eco-Chic One of a Kind Sweater Tote

This is awesome. What a great design.