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Re: How to Make a Valentine from an Onion

This is the coolest Valentine I've ever seen, how many Valentine's Days have I spent crying? LOL

Re: Celebrity Watch at CHA

Okay , now I'm jealous--i LOVE Steve and Cathy!

Re: CraftStylish Handcrafts the Booth for CHA

Wow, this is the coolest wall idea--would it work in a house? You guys are amazing. Please come to San Fran and do something spectacular here. Congrats to you all!!!

Re: A Christmas Miracle: My Close-Knit Family

Oh my. This would be my Christmas miracle too. Wonderful, wonderful.

Re: How to Make a Contemporary Creche

Oh my, I am absolutely thrilled for my idea to have been considered! Thank you Jeffery! And as for this is amazing, wonderful, and so beautiful. I love how you are able to render a simple idea so stunningly. Thanks again for the shout out!

Re: Crafte's Inferno: Crafting for Christmas, a Lie in the Making

Wow, I feel much better now--I'm not the only one. Today I went to the outlet mall and I just thought what a bunch of $%#@*!!! I'd still rather give and receive something handmade even if it's a much longer process than just buying something--but I love your solution and will maybe check that out. Thanks for the laugh.

Re: A Dream Comes True: The Lion Brand Yarn Studio Opening in NYC

Wow, how beautiful. What great luck Michaela! I want a Lion Brand Studio in San Francisco!

Re: Seattle Spotlight: Sweet P & Sage Debut Ghosts in The Garden

I agree and I am a big fan from season four--they sound like a cool couple. Yay SweetP! Thanks for sharing

Re: Turn Photos into Embroidered Portraits

Whoa! Mindblowingly beautiful!

Re: Who Are You? DIY Halloween Costumes

This is just too cute--the seaweed is awesome, and the 'otter' accessories? LOL. I also love the look of that cat mask.

Re: Crafting in the Current Economy

Right On, craft sisters! My friends have been talking about this for the last two weeks. How are we going to 'make it' when we're all broke? So, we are planning a big craft swap right after Halloween. The idea is that we all have stuff from our stashes that we are not planning to use, or maybe just need the inspiration of something new. So we are getting it together to haul it all over to my friend's house and trade with each other. I have tons of stuff and I love the idea of it being used to make something even if it's not me who is doing the making. In return, I can swap for someone else's stuff and turn it into something awesome. The answer is creative and not buying into mass production!

Re: YOU Be the Client: An Open Call for Paper Projects

How about a paper rock and scissors?

Re: Sweet P & Sage Swing Seattle Fashion Forward with Pulp Lab

OMG! I am a HUGE Sweet P fan and I am so happy that she is here on one of my favorite websites!!! I can't wait to see the rest of this collection. How cool to be able to make clothes with your husband:)

Re: Crafte's Inferno: Crafting on the Fly and Under Pressure

I LOVE reading these, so funny and so true. Next time I am on a plane with a screaming child, I'll think of this:) You should write a book about your crafty exploits. I am looking forward to the next...

Re: Made It: My 19th-Century-Inspired Wedding Gown

wow, amazing and so beautiful.

Re: CraftStylish Community Hits 5,000 Members!

YAy for CraftStylish! I LOVE this site and always find amazing ideas and projects. Thanks so much to all of you.

Re: Crafte's Inferno: The Second Circle of Craft Hell

Ha, Ha Crafte's Inferno, very funny! Your post is too. I love reading this site as much as I love all of the great projects. Oh, I lol when I saw what next week's inferno is--crafting for the family! Can't wait!

Re: It's A Bird, It's a Plane, It's a Super-Quilt from the Past

I agree with Jen W. What a great thing to do with the kids! Your story made me LOL.

Re: Summer Fashion Finds On Etsy

WOW! I just went to the Etsy site for the first time--what an amazing, amazing place! Thank you so much for posting this.

Re: Become a Stitch N Pitch Fan

I love reading all of this. I want to go to a Stitch N Pitch too, and I'm not even a baseball fan! The photo with the umpire made me laugh!

Re: Happy Father's Day From Craft Stylish

My name is Asia and I am new here. My father made us a stage in the backyard and we used it to put on performances and skits. He even sewed a big curtain with my mother and hung it on a rod so that we could make our entrances. When my parents moved we were more sad to have to leave that stage than the house!
Happy Father's day Dad!