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Re: Make a Modern yet Rustic Fall Centerpiece

I think this is a great idea! Since we're all (well, most..and I'm willing to keep an open mind about other commenters who are hatin'..) creative here, we can think about ways to make a project like this up. If I were doing this (I might want to use it for a classroom decoration or for a project with my niece and nephew who LOVE this stuff) we could paint the twigs, layer larger and smaller leaf patterns with different color fabric ETC..maybe just hang them after using a starch..I don't even have an art degree and I can think of a lot of different things to do. How about THAT!!! Thanks for this idea. Two thumbs up here!

Re: Book Giveaway: "Sew What You Love"

I just received an Janome Sewist 525s for Christmas. I am SEW (haha) excited to learn and grow. This book would be perfect! Thanks!