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Re: How to Make a Felt Baby Toy with a Crinkly, Crackly Recycled Surprise

Soooo cute! What a brilliant idea to use the wipes packages for the crinkle sound - they make the perfect sound! Yay sweet Pearl! :)

Re: How to Embroider Your Own Buttons

These are so fantastic! And I love the wee French knots for the bunny's tail - so sweet! :)

Re: How to Turn Blah Buttons into Bodacious Buttons

Such an awesome tutorial! First off, the toothpick idea is beyond brilliant - I love it! And I love the idea of customizing plain buttons. Fantastic!

Re: How to Embellish a Cardigan with Fabric-covered Buttons

This is fantastic and so fun! I love the way you grouped them and added the ribbons. Adorable! :)

Re: How to Make a Pet Food Tray, Embellished with Duct Tape

This is so awesome, Diane! It opens up all kinds of new possibilities with duct tape. I'm in awe of your ability to consistantly come up with such fantastic, doable, very *cool* projects. Top that off with beautiful, easy to follow tutorials ... you rock my world! :)

Re: Hambly Screen Prints: Making Buzz at CHA

YES! When we did the CRAFT release party back in August, we had some Hambly rub-ons as door prizes (thanks to Jennifer Perkins) They were highly coveted. So cool!

And ... uh ... how did I not know about Fabric Mod Podge? Helllooooo ... life-changing! :)

Re: How to Make a Super-Simple Recycled Quilt

Brilliant! Now this is *my* kind of quilting project. :)

Re: "100% Trash, So You Know It's Good!"


I love this idea, and - as usual - your execution is magnificent. (where are these "imperfections" and "flaws" of which you speak? ;) And I love that "craft" is the new "green." Well said!

Re: How to Transform Holiday Tins

Bias tape on the edge of the lid! BRILLIANT! I love it! :)

Re: How to Make a Cookie House Village

This is *awesome* Diane! I've seen versions of gingerbread villages (many thanks to you!) from elaborate set ups to simple graham cracker ones. I love these, though, because it's kind of in the middle. Still simple, but in an elaborate enough way that makes it special. And the picture of the icing peaks is like art! :)

Re: How to Make a Multi-Photo Frame

Very cool! I was just in IKEA last week and saw these unfinished frames, but wasn't sure how to use them ... BONANZA, lady! This is fab!

And I love your tips on balancing imagery, etc. Fantastic!

Re: How to Make Crafty Photo Ornaments

These are fantastic and seem easy! I love the idea of "embellishing to my heart's content," though that could get dangerous ....

And I love Linda's version with the year embroidered on the frame, and the idea of machine stitching - which would be nice if you were looking to crank loads of them out. (but you know me, a total sucker for hand stitching .... ;)

Great tutorial, writing, pictures as usual!

Re: How to Make a Garland with Punch

This project is unreal! Stunning, simple, gorgeous and innovative - just perfection. Your tutorial is easy to follow and the pictures are amazing. Thank you!

And, what I love most of all is your back story on the project. I love your writing style, and your understanding that - so often - it's the story behind the craft that makes it so special and memorable.

Re: How to Make a Button Advent Calendar

Oooooh lady! This is genius! You are queen of what-to-do-with-buttons. I am in love. :)

Re: How to Make Paperless Origami

Diane, I'm with you. I'm gonna go lie down and take some deep breaths. I need to remember not to look at Jeffery's posts without a paper bag nearby to catch my holy-smokes-that's-brilliant-and-beautiful-and-beyond-perfect breaths.

Oy! I love this. :)

Re: How to Make an All-Recycled Sketchbook

Ooooh! I love this! Such a clever use of old books, and a cool way to combine stitching/paper/fabric. love it! :)

Re: How to Make Button Cards . . . with Removable Buttons!

Brillllllant! I love that the buttons are removable - fantastic! And what a smart and easy way to attach them. I never would have thought to do that.

And - as always - beautifully written and photographed. You are Queen of the super macro! ;)

Re: How to Make a Surprisingly Simple Paper Wreath

oh my ... this has me swooooooooning. I'm in love! :)

Re: Make It Pink: How to Make a 'Millie Box'

I am in tears over here! What a beautiful project - both in thought and execution. I never would have known to make something like this for someone fighting cancer, and yet it is the most simple and perfect and thoughtful gift for a fighter I have ever seen.

Thank you for sharing!

Re: How to (Re)Make a Custom Board Game

Heeeee! Brilliant! I love seeing the Arrested Development folks take over the game - so cool! And I love how detailed you were able t get using the templates for the cards. Wowza! :)

Re: Shopping for Fuzzy Bear Hats with My New Friend Bill Murray

Hooray! I'm so happy to see this story. I heard such buzz about Bill Murray, but never saw him and have only seen random fuzzy pictures from far away. HOW AWESOME! What a fun experience!

And, man! I'm bummed I didn't get to hang with you guys last weekend. Next year!

Bill Murray and Fuzzy Bear Hats. Just a perfect way to spend the day. :)

Re: How to Recycle Yarn from a Thrift-Store Sweater

Amazing tutorial, Lee! Even for a non-yarn gal like me. ;) Your pictures and descriptions are fantastic - very clear and easy to follow. And what a beautiful idea/project! Huurahh!

Re: How to Use One Pattern, Three Ways!

Wow! I love seeing this pattern done three ways, and I have to say ... I can't pick a favorite. They all look amazing in their own ways. I love the hatching on the high school romance, and the french knot froth on the waves in the last one is too.die.for. :)

Re: Crafty Business Then and Now: An Interview with Meggiecat

This is brilliant advice! I had no idea Meggiecat has been conducting crafty business so long - what great insights she has! I've added it to my Crafty Business Links from Around the Web page. :)

Re: It's Business Time

Great article! I like the idea of exploring multiple options for promoting and selling your crafts.

I've included a link to your article in my Craft Business Links from Around the Web resource page. :)

Re: French Poodle, French Knot...Ooh La La!

Yep! Amy is awesome and does such amazing stitching. This poodle is just over-the-top fantastic! :)

Re: How to Embroider a Greeting Card

This is fantastic! I love that you've shown how to modify the design to work for what you are doing, and the card with samples of floss is genius. You ROCK! :)

Re: It's Reusable Bag Day In Austin,TX

Thanks for posting about this! I can't believe I haven't seen anything locally about it (of course, being on a summer schedule with two kiddos doesn't leave much time for research, but still!)

So thanks! I've passed it on to several friends. :)

Re: How to Reverse Applique a Tote Bag

What a fantastic tutorial! I love the clearly written instructions and the great pictures. And I love that in that last picture there, you can see the different between clipping a lot and not so much - that's a great visual.

And this design is beautiful! Thanks, Diane! :)