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olivia dilauro

The Ultimate Sewing Room contest entry

Roni Berstler

The Ultimate Sewing Room contest entry

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Re: Book Giveaway: Kaffe Fassett's Quilts in Sweden

Bring on the new, the bright and the beautiful... I am ready to quilt away with this great big book of sunshine.

Re: Win Seasons 1 & 2 of Teach Yourself to Sew on DVD

Oh please help me to sew with know how, instead of a 'wing and a prayer.' I am self taught but know there is So Much I am missing about 'how to and what not' to do when sewing. I had one session of sewing in high school way back in the 60's I must admit I was not very good at it then, but got better... I have made some dresses, and love to do crafts. I am now trying to teach myself quilting. So with some help like this set, Hey who knows? I could get to love this stuff called sewing... Thanks for the chance..

Re: Book Giveaway: Kaffe Fassett's Quilts en Provence

Yummy Yummy I will make a new quilt to cover my tummy... I love the colors and fun of Kaffe's books. I hope this one is Mine.... if not guess I will just have to buy it... thanks for the chance to win... good luck to us all

Re: And the Winner of the Amp Up Your Accessories Contest is...

I love this, its so Wow and Wonderful!! What a great idea and indeed should be the Winner

Re: fire and water booties

Beautiful! Best of luck and many happy days ahead to you and your family. Your daughter will be blessed to have such a caring, creative Mother.

Re: Crafty By Nature Entry by Janet Metzger

I love what you did, I'd buy this if it were for sale. It is charming and useful and fun to look at... You did wonderful!!

Re: Book Giveaway: Betz White's "Sewing Green: 25 Projects Made with Repurposed & Organic Materials"

Green sometimes means Young and growing , green can be blooming, budding developing, Green is what I endevor to teach my grandchildren. Granny is Green! Granny is Go, and would love to have a Green book like this to share with the kiddies. Yep they can learn a trick or two from Granny.

Re: 2 Pugs in Hats

"Russian cosmonaut" who knew?

Re: Horsing Around

"Oh the possibilities my blankie inspires"

Re: Doggies by a Window

Do not even sing the song, we are Not for Sale

Re: Doggie Cardigan

"The human has been vintage shopping again" This is Hollywood 1950

Re: Sleepy Kitty

"This helps me dream in color"

Re: Playful Pup

"Define Adorable"?

Re: Tortoise Hiding

"I'm coming out" TA DA!!! " I feel pretty, oh so pretty"
Pretty silly I"m a male do not even use the blue is a boy color...

Re: Funny Bunny

"Do I look amuzed? Wool carrots, very funny"

Re: My Sewing Haven

I like your room... good luck