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How to Make a Curly IQ Lamp

Originally designed as a Christmas ornament by Danish native, Holger Strøm in 1973, the IQ lamp has climbed in popularity.  Created from 30 pieces of the same shape, it's unique...

How to Take In a Skirt Waist

Slimming Down?  Don't throw out your favorite skirt.  Use this 2 minute trick to keep it fitting great.  This alteration technique works best on an elastic free waist with a side...

Sew a ruffled peasant Skirt

Here's a tutorial for you for a darling skirt that you can make to fit a child or grown person of any size.  It is fast and simple to put together and makes a great last minute birthday...

Sew a Knotted Baby Hat

Here's a great free pattern for you.  Make a hat in 10 minutes and donate it to your local Pro-life Clinic or Newborns in Need.  It also makes a cute package topper for your next baby...

Magnetic Board Tutorial

I've been drolling over magentic boards for awhile but the size I wanted cost upwards of $50.  Then I thought how easy it would be to make one!  Here's a simple tutorial for you.  I...

My Sewing Room

The Ultimate Sewing Room contest entry

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Re: Project Runway: What's Mine is Yours

Cassanova's look was the best one there. I'm so sorry they sent him home. I recoil at the description of the look as matronly. It was cute and wearable and figure flattering for an hourglass illusion. I am a mother of 6 but try to stay thin and fashionable. I guess if I like it that would make it matronly? I hope not.