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Re: Clear Storage pouches for small craft supplies

I can really foresee this as a cute project my female relatives can take on. They are really obsessed with having their colours in coordination when in storage. I'll have to show them this article and tell them how to get started. All of them in Manly are quite the neat freaks and they'll love any opportunity to do some crafty thing to get their craft storage in proper order!

Re: Recycle Your Tin Cans into Simple, Stylish Craft Storage!

That's truly a great way to recycle stuff into something useful. I can personally foresee that I'll be using this idea to reuse and recycle tin cans into garage storage for nails and bolts and screws. The metal will have to be treated for rust once the wrapping comes off though, but that's easily solvable with a good coat of paint. That will also solve the problem of the can lookiong too girly for the my mancave haha! Thanks for the great idea!