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Re: My Creations

A friend made a wonderful trellis on which she placed similar permanent flowers from soft drink cans that bloomed all winter as well as summer--no fading either. You do have to be careful of the sharpness at the edges. Sounds like steel wool will work best maybe from the back so as not to rid the patterns.

Re: How to Use Buttons on Belts

How creative are these. Fabulous ideas. Thank-yu, thank-yu, thank-yu.

Re: How to Make Necktie Valentines

Make into a pocket for jeans (large end of tie)? Or sew one on the back pockets of a pair of jeans, add a few hearts to a pillow, quilt, summer purse or tote, mirror or picture frame surround, sewn or webfuse one onto a directors chair seat/back, as fundraiser for womens' heart disease cure, glued around a lampshade or, in a little girl's room, on the edge of a bookshelf in a row to spiff up a colorless room. Help, I am running out of ideas..........

Re: Book Giveaway: Kaffe Fassett's Quilts in Sweden

Ever since childhood when my pretty blond friend's parents hailed from Sweden have I loved Scandinavian design--the clean contrasts of great color combinations; sometimes the simple two color symmetric combos are the most restful. I remember lots of red and white and a kitchen with a blue and white scheme. And Swedish enamel jewelry, often very modern using sterling silver are unusually comfortable, especially the way the earrings fit without pinching yet stay securely put.

Kaffe Fassett's colorful quilts, embroideries, fabulous photography with children and their families, his way with successfully combining patterns in all media using flowers and other forms from nature are a wonder. I would be thrilled to win another of his books to add to my collection and will no doubt find as much inspiration from this as I do all his others. He will go down in history as one of the greatest talents the art world has ever known in my opinion. CR in SC

Re: My own Apple-print Tote Bag

Glad you found us. Loved your blue apples--especially the striped one!

Re: How to Make a Recycled Magazine Flower

Whoopee! Can use these at Christmas (red and green wrapping paper) with nametags attache at the table as place settings OR grab yours and sit where you want? Easter with pastels and Thanksgiving with fall colored pages. Why not use a paper cutter to save time with the extra folding?
Terrific origami idea. Thanks for the inspiration.

Re: How to Make Pet Photo Magnets

A dear friend of mine saves flower images from garden/seed catalogues and glues them to square and rectangular magnets and now has a whole refrigerator full--so useful and colorful mosaic for reminders, notes, & photos of her grandchildren and pets among the garden images.

So cheerful to look at she sometimes forgets to cook dinner while having her afternoon tea in the garden before spring arrives. She decided to cook soup in the crockpot all fall and winter after breakfast...

Re: How to Make an Egg Dish

Egg shells? No problem: Souffles, lemon meringue pie, white omelets, hollandaise sauce, milkshakes all in one meal. I use brown eggs from brown hens--can't wait to try this on gold spray painted base. I am afraid easter egg dye would bleed since it must be used with water soluble and edible dyes. You are a paper prince. Thanks for ALL your stimulating, generous ideas Paul.

Re: What accessories do you like to sew?

Talk about accessories, we love our screened-in porch but the dust on furniture makes for work. Every few years I change the faded slipcovers on the cushions and throw pillows on furniture (tabletop, loveseat and chairs) with easily removable bright seasonal covers that I can throw in the washing machine saving both the furniture and myself. I make showercap style removable elasticized coverings that pop on and off. My favorite fabrics have been soft like terrycloth which fluffs up nicely-- cool in summer and warm in winter. Throw pillows and tablecloths get bright prints. I don't have to measure the 1/4" elastic but stretch it to the max while using my serger with coordinating threads. I like the cover for my 40" glass-top table best. I replace it while damp from the machine to avoid ironing and it dries taut like a charm. Hope you enjoy the tip.

Re: BOOK GIVEAWAY: The Felted Bag Book

Anything made from the fleece of a sheep or lamb is OK with me! Will read your book even if I don't win it......