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Market bag - Eliza's nest tote

This is a full sized version of the pink one I made previously.   This would hold heaps of goodies

Cards using teabag folding

The large card has a computer generated orange background printed onto watercolour paper and torn before I attached to the card.   The tile I designed especially for the medallion and the...

Knitted autumn leaf

I have knitted to smaller scale for some ATC's - made 3 of them and the background is Vivaldi Four Seasons 'Autumn' piano music.   I left out one repeat of the pattern.

Elisa's Nest Tote

This is a small version of the free pattern from the Purl Bee.   I knitted it for my 3 year old granddaughter and now I am in the process of making another one for her mummy. Cheers Carolyn

Bling knitted handbag

I knitted this bag for my little granddaughter aged 4.   Pink eyelash yarn on one side and purple the other.   Guess what her favourite colours are ^_^  The strap is crochet...

Jeff's paper daisies

I made a few of Jeff's paper daisies and have made ATC's with them.   I used pink and white marbled paper and a quilled centre.   The background gold metallic paper is embossed...

Love of Crafts down under

I have made quite a few of these knitted handbags.   The strap on the larger one is done on an inkle loom

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Re: Knitted autumn leaf

Thank you Tina. It was a multi coloured ball of very narrow 'ribbon' Best way I can describe it. Bought it at a sale price and don't know it's name.

Re: Create a Lining for a Knit Bag

Thank you Michaela. I don't mean to be a nuisance but I have Googled the magazine to try and see if it's available in Australia and I cannot find it

Re: Create a Lining for a Knit Bag

Thank you Michaela - I see that I can order from over there but can you please just let me know if this magazine is distributed in Australia. I live on a mountain and it is a fair way to the coast but if I know it's available I will go down. Just trying to cut on postal costs which I have no idea what they would be
Thanks again

Re: Create a Lining for a Knit Bag

Is there a section where one can ask a question and be sure of getting a reply. I really would like to know about this magazine. I have done lots of searches and cannot find it in Australia. Someone please help^_^

Re: How to Crochet a Button

Linda, I also had an idea of making them into hair ties for my little granddaughter. I did some with yoyos and they looked ever so cute and I think the buttons would too

Re: Magazine Collage Figures

How I wish I could watch videos. We live on a mountain top in South East Queensland and cannot get broadband. I have tried on dialup and it's impossible.

Re: Create a Lining for a Knit Bag

Thank you so much Vicky. I am in Australia. Is it available over here in the newsagents? I have never seen it so if I did order online what would the postage be to Australia. Probably a heavy book?^_^

Re: Create a Lining for a Knit Bag

Love this. Is the handbag knitting pattern available please

Re: How to Knit Everlasting Autumn Leaves: No Raking Required

I made it and thank you so much for the pattern. I did upload it but don't see it??

Re: PuRsE GaL Hand Knit Ruffled Tote

Oh how I would love that pattern. Is it for sharing?

Re: This Week on CraftStylish

Thank you Tina. Love the pattern and have saved it - will show it soon

Re: This Week on CraftStylish

I have been very sick the last month with bronchitis and my head feels like a brick but I didn't realize I was that bad that I cannot find the instructions for the knitted autumn leaf, Could someone please help

Re: Jeff's paper daisies

Thank you Vicky it worked this morning. Thank you also once again Jeff Looking forward to more of your projects

Re: Jeff's paper daisies

Thank you Vicky, have just done all that and my post is still where it was. Maybe when I log on again it will have gone to Jeff's project.

Re: Knitting on the Go: Stitches to Take with You

Really truly, you are allowed to knit on a plane???????
Here in Australia we are not allowed to carry a nail file

Re: Yo-Yos and Couching: Two Easy-to-Do Embellishment Techniques

I just recently bought a yoyo maker and find it so easy to make perfect little circles and now I have some new ideas of how to use them. Thank you for a great article.

Re: Jeff's paper daisies

Thank you Vicky but I have only just joined up and am a little lost and don't know how the forum works but trying.
Can you guide me as to how to do what you have recommended. I did try again but ended up with two posts the same so had to delete it.

Re: How to Make Perfect Paper Daisies

Thank you so much for such a great design. I have made two already but used them as ATC's

Re: How to Crochet a Button

Wow thank you for this. I knit handbags and sometimes I am at a loss for a clip or closure for the bag. I have stacks of buttons and this would make a great feature either in the same wool or a smart contrast. I can also see these as card decorations. I am into card making especially ATC's
Thanks for sharing