Trained in Advertising and Design, internship in Hamburg, Germany at Axel Springer Verlag, Married and raising 4 beautiful daughters. I enjoy using my creative knowledge and talents to enhance my home and bring joy to friends and family that I share my projects with. I'm always looking for the next paper project I'll create or springboard off of and grow in my art. I have been a Scherenschnitte (paper cutting) artist for 30 years and enjoy any paper art I can lay my hands on. I also dabble in painting, woodworking, sewing, hand embroidery, smocking and many other traditional crafts. I believe keeping the roots of traditional crafts are vitally important in this modern world and I am often seeking an avenue to learn a new skill and keep an old art form alive.

craft interests: crochet, embroidery, gifts, holidays, home decorating, jewelry making, knitting, paper crafts, restyle, sewing, quilling, Scherensnitte

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Quilled Flower Wreath

Are you looking for a simple yet elegant project for spring? Look no further! Simple cardstock in any color can be transformed into the most dainty flowers with a couple of simple instructions. No...