Have you ever bought candles that smell great in the jar, but when burning, it just smells like melted wax and smoke. You have to hover over the candle it to try to smell it.
Have you ever bought candles, and then you light them, the candle will fill up your house with a fresh, clean, and sweet scent. However, the candle burns straight down the middle and not out to the edges. So much waste!
We started doing some research and decided to try at making our own candles. We discovered that most candles are made from paraffin wax, and paraffin wax is obtained from petroleum. On the other hand, many candles are made ​​from soy wax, and soy candles are the healthy, natural alternative to paraffin candles, so we decided to use soy wax in our candles.
After months of research, testing, we made what we felt was the perfect candles. Our candles have an excellent hot and cold scent throw, and they are all natural soy candles – no paraffin, colors, dyes or additives are used

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Chi Candle

Our highly scented, eco-friendly Soy Candles are made different than any other candle on the market, hand poured in the USA. Our soy candles will never contain petroleum-based paraffin wax or lead...

Rave Review for Candle Lovers

Details on Products from ChiCandle: Our Eco-Friendly soy candles are made from a special blend of Soy Wax, Beeswax and premium fragrance, hand poured in the USA. Our candles will never contain...