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Re: How to Make Twirly Butterfly Cards for Spring

That looks amazing. I did something very similar via quilling only a few weeks ago!


Re: Oeuf Couture: How to Dress an Easter Egg

This is amazing stuff! Im loving the wealth of material, information & various creative outputs by so many folk on this site!

Your Easter egg also looks amazing. The time, care & love & attention you showed in creating it really shows. I know as a seasoned quiller, i have to dedicate equal time, love & care when creating quilling projects. From my experience, i would add that folk who are going to attempt this, be very careful with the glue! Make sure you use a good quality glue that is appropriate for paper crafts. Also don't apply too much otherwise it could ruin your project. Use one with an applicator so you can easily control the flow of the glue..

I personally use a variety, but clear drying glue like Crystal Effects is usually sufficient.