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Re: Just Zipping Along

This is so cute! I love it.

Re: Make a Pretty Swirls Cap with This Crochet Pattern

I absolutely ADORE this!! I made a similar newsboy cap once. It was crocheted and I got the pattern at . It's under 'city girl cap'. Also very cute. I love how universally flattering these hats are!

Re: How to Restyle Two Tees into One with a Fancy Ruffle

I think you should finish the armholes just with some bias tape of similar color as the ruffles. It looks good short sleeved. And I don't think that the pink contrast is as bad as you think it is. What I do think though, is that the batik should've been something different. At first it looked like a darker lace. That would've been really pretty to have that extra detail. But with what you have going now, I'd definitely keep it sleeveless! so cute!

Re: Chef Apron

This is too cute! I love the fabric and design. I need to hurry and make a cute apron like this for working at the coffee shop.

Re: Crazy in the Head!

I've been wanting to do this for a while... My only problem is finding just the plastic for the headbands rather than buying ones that are already covered and paying the extra for it. Where did you get the base plastic to make yours?

Re: My First: Combining Crochet and Sew:::Tote Bag

I've always loved the look of crochet on items of fabric. I saw a pattern once, (don't ask me where), for a dress that had a crocheted bodice and a flowy gathered "skirt" part. I want to say Bernat or Berroco?? maybe? Anyway, you should try that next if your hooked. =)

Re: Pink felt flower brooch

This is very beautiful. How did you make he petals curve like that?

Re: Pink wallet

I like the colors a lot! The ribbon embellishment really makes it chic.

Re: How to Make This Pretty Pink Clutch

This is gorgeous!! The combination of ruffles, fabric texture, color and style makes it all around perfect for an evening-out clutch. Will definitely be using this design SOON. Thanks!

Re: Pink Babyblanket

I love this so much! I've made just a few quilts and when I see ones like yours, I can't help but wonder when I'll acquire the skill to find many fabrics that don't really match, per se, and piece them together to make a wonderful quilt that follows a beautiful theme and is so complementing. You did a great job on that!

Re: In The Pink

I adore this hat! what fun. It reminds me of dr. seuss but in the cutest possible way! What pattern did you use or did you create it yourself? I'd love to know... my daughter and niece would get a kick out of it!

Re: How to Make a Super-Simple Crochet Hook Caddy

I love the colors. It turned out really pretty. I think I might use this pattern to make a shorter version for my baby girl's crayons. She would love something like this, especially knowing her mommy made it for her.

Re: Hip Hoodie Free Download

I've never been really into any particular animal or anything like that. Don't have clothes with animals on them. But when I saw this, I thought huh, that's cute. And then redirected my thinking to ya, but what would you put that on?!? Shortly after I went to Joanns to pick up some fabric to make a fabric java jacket and this owl and apple tree printed fleece jumped out at me. You've done it. I'm hooked on owls. thanks!! :D

Re: Spunky Linen Bird Bag

These fabrics really pop with the cheetah. I love animal fabric, but in store-bought accessories it often looks tacky and overpowering to me. Not only did you fix that problem but you made it trendy too. Love it.

Re: tote bag

This is gorgeous! Great job on the sewing and yes if I was you, I wouldn't be able to leave this fabric at the store. Wonderful!

Re: Three Fun Spool-Knitting Crafts to Try

I LOVE these! I've done spool knitting for embellishment before but I wouldn't have thought of the bracelet or the pen. I think I will show my kid sister this. She knows how to spool knit but I think she thinks it's a useless skill. She will be so excited to enter middle school for some cute made-by-her pens and accessories!

Re: Convertible Dresses

WOW! I've seen dresses that are "convertible" before and I always find it hard to believe that I could actually put it on correctly (ha) or I just don't find any of the options a good style for someone to wear off the runway. I am so pleased to see this one! All the styles are so different, yet it doesn't look like TOO much wrapping and twisting, and best of all I can make it myself.... SOLD. :D
Thanks so much for posting!!

Re: Cherry Leopard Tote

What a crazy pattern combo... I LOVE IT! I usually do stuff that I think looks good together no matter how weird it may seem. But as you've proven it ALWAYS works out! good job!

Re: Hoot Hoot Apple Quilt - my first quilting attempt

WOW! First attempt? That's great. You must have patience becuase my first (and unfortunately, still only) quilt shows that I was in a rush and was willing to sacrafice some of the results because of it. :D woops.

Re: New Mama Tote

GREAT prints. I love the idea of Mom's bag being out of prints FOR mom. So much better than dragging around the bag that's baby pastels.

Re: How To: Genius Jewelry Rack

I've been wondering what I could do to fix this mess.... This looks like it could be the answer!

Re: Confessions of a Polygamist Crafter

As assumed by my name, I am physically incapable of sticking to one craft! It gets so bad sometimes that I start crafts to try a new technique and get bored with it and move on. Just the other day I went through my sewing cabinet and was surprised at my how all over the place I am. Pajamas for my daughter that only need the ruffle on the bottom of the pants. That's like 20 minutes of work! Dresses that won't fit my niece anymore when they are finished. It's horrible. But I love it and I don't think I would change it... I've learned so many things. :D