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Re: Book Giveaway: Threads Sewing Guide

Really sounds like an excellent source for quilting, crafting & general sewing.

Re: How to Make a Custom Clock

Great idea! recycle - recycle - recycle
I would be interested in applying an old working clock face to a dinner plate.
What type of drill would one use to drill a hole in china dinnerware?
I have always wanted to make a clock for my kitchen from one of my extra antique plates.

Re: How to Make a Celebration Candle

Happy to see that someone else is making creative candles for special events.
I also make personalized candles.
Have made them for my children, grandchildren & friends. Have been used for baptisms, adoptions, weddings etc. They make nice keepsakes for future use.

However I make a design with computer graphics, then add the names, dates, etc.
attach this to the inexpensive candle. I have only done white candles.
Heat 2 large squares of wax (the kind we used to use for jelly)
I use a kettle as a double boiler and place the wax in a metal coffee can.
Carefully melt all of the wax. Take from fire...
Tie a string to the wick of the candle
Dip the candle in the hot wax. I usually give it two dips. You want it completely immersed in the wax.
Let it cool.
Makes a beautiful personalized keepsake.
I have not had a failure yet.