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Guilt-Free Crafting

Feeling guilty about the environmental impact of your crafting? Or is someone in your life encouraging you to reduce your craft-supply bill? Try these ideas for reducing your "guilt footprint."

Anatomy of a Hand-Knit Sock

Ah, the lowly sock...worn on feet, shoved into boots, and even chewed up by pets. Yet the hand-knitted sock is a thing of beauty, comfort, and entertainment on long bus rides.

Crafting on a Budget

Want to try something new without breaking the bank? Hoping to professionally finish your dress seams without buying a serger? Try these tips for starting or finishing projects spending a fortune.

Knitting with Color - And Sampling New Colors with Duplicate Stitch

Next time your colorwork isn’t quite going according to plan, don’t rip—duplicate-stitch! You can test out alternate colorways in fair isle or even intarsia by using a knitting embroidery technique that'll save you swatching time and help you decide the best way to use your colors.

Sew Buttons Securely on Hand Knits

Do your buttons fall off your knitwear? Can you find the perfect buttons for your sweater…and sew them on? The key may be in your sewing basket, not your knitting notions.

Crafting on the Go: Where, When, and Insider Tips

Use your time wisely—make all your time crafting time! Knitting, crocheting, hand-sewing, and embroidery can go anywhere if you plan ahead.

My Summer of Hand-Sewn Dresses

My first hand-sewn dress, my first vintage dress, and my first alteration were all tailored for a summer of weddings a few years back—and I still wear the results.

Fearless Crafting

Try a new craft without fear of it turning out as a giant waste of time and money. (Careful, though—you might get addicted!)

Kitchener Stitch -- Feel the Fear and do it Anyway

Kitchener stitch, more simply known as grafting, beguiles many a knitter, but it's nothing to fear. Master this stitch for beautiful future socks and seams.

Swatch in the Round--Faster!

Get your "real" knitting gauge in the round in about a third of the time it would take you to actually swatch in the round.

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Re: Crafting on the Go: Where, When, and Insider Tips

I'm so glad to hear that you all are having success getting past TSA with knitting needles! I don't fly much so rely on the horror/success stories of others in this regard. Since it's so hard to read or otherwise focus on planes, knitting is still my favorite in-transit pastime.

Re: Fearless Crafting


I seem to recall the strips for this little quilt were 1.5" wide and 3.5" tall -- so if you use 1/4" seams, the strip ends up being 1"x3"; when you sew three strips together, theoretically you end up with a 3.5" wide x3.5" tall square, which you then sew up again to end up with final visible size of 3"x3".

I think the "real" way to do this is to cut your strips to be super long, like 35" long and 1.5" wide, sew together three long strips, then cut the sewn strip into 3.5" squares--you cut right through your stitches because you're going to sew them back up! Did I do it this way? No way, I did it the hard way--but it was less intimidating somehow. It doesn't seem like it when I go back and think through all that math, but sometimes the mind works in mysterious ways...

My point is that I saw a quilt like this online and just dreamed up how to do it, because quilting books, shows and sites intimidated me. Now I'm getting a lot more into the details but still am not very concerned with perfection!

Re: My Summer of Hand-Sewn Dresses

Stampalina--I have but one Monkey Dress, for better or for worse! And I believe I wore the Anthro dress with Ene's Scarf to your wedding reception. :)

Thanks, Jen and Susan!!