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The Ultimate Sewing Room contest entry

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Re: Book Giveaway: Animal Hats

I would love to win this book - I have 12 nieces and nephews and animal hats is what I was thinking to make them for Christmas :) This book is perfect.

Re: Use a Twin Needle to Make a Reusable "Corrugated" Coffee Cup Sleeve

I love this project. To respond to SusieQP: When using a twin needle I use the two spools and thread the machine the same way I do with one needle. On my Pfaff I can run one thread through the tension disk to the left and one to the right. Both threads must run through the tension disks - I do sew a little slower and my machine has a button to push to use with twin needles but (I think) it is for using twin needles with some of the other patterned stitches. Anyway DO NOT be afraid to break your machine. Most machines are very durable. Enjoy :).