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Re: How-to: English Paper Piecing Project

I have found an easier and less painful method of making the smaller hexagons by EPP. There is a new product out called Wonder Clips that are very tiny clips that I use to hold everything in place while I stitch. NO PINS!!! I use templates that are made from card-stock. I cut my fabric with about a 3/8" allowance and begin by folding one edge over and placing the clip over the fabric & paper. I form the "corners" of the hexs and put clips on 2 or 3 them. Using a long milliners needle and a single thread, I anchor the first corner by sewing only thru the fabric. Then I carry the thread across to the next corner and make 2 stitches in it to anchor it. You use your needle to neatly tuck the corners in as you go. Continue all around, removing clips as you come to them. After anchoring the last corner, I clip the thread. This has the advantage of keeping your folded edge right where you want it. When I have joined my hexs, I simply pop out the card-stock templates with an awl or other slim pointed tool. No removing the stitching or fighting with the paper to stitch thru it.
When I stitch the hexs together, I don't use a whipstitch. I use a locking hemstitch that I learned when I was hemming skirts as a seamstress (not the X stitch). It keeps all the thread on the wrong side and locks each stitch as you make it. The front side looks as tho you used a running stitch just like any other handsewn pieced block