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Re: How to Embroider Book Covers for Back-to-School

These are very cute. I have made many book covers out of those brown paper bags through the years. The knit fabric is such a good idea for making these. You could even use an old t-shirt. The embroidery is a fun idea also with lots of possibilities, because of course you have to decorate it. Thanks for sharing.

Re: How to Make Cocktail and Dinner Napkins

These are lovely! I have been wanting to make some cloth napkins. Sometimes they seem too plain, but if you use too much embellishment it gets in the way of using the napkin. As well as being pretty, a napkin needs to be functional. Your mitered corners and decorative stitch are a nice balance of pretty and functional. I plan to make some of these.

Re: Picnic Tote

I have seen a couple of tutorials for that process also and thought it was good idea. I know I have a ton of those plastic grocery bags. Your bag turned out very nice! It doesn't look "recycled", it looks fresh and new.

Re: Fireworks Victorian Crazy Patch Treasure Tote

I bet you really enjoy carrying that bag. It is so bright and happy! You did a great job on it!

Re: Loose Leaf Tea Canisters

What a good idea! Those turned out really nice!

Re: Recycled Cotton Reel Pin Cushions

Very creative. What a good idea!

Re: Scrapes to Snowmen!

That is really cute! You did a great job!