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Sweet Baby Hoodie Crochet-Along: Week 5

Finished! It turned out so cute I can hardly stand it. As it's a gift, I'll be sending off in the next day or two. Hope baby likes it! Thanks for the crochet-along. We'll have to do it again...

Crochet- Along: Week 3

Week 3.

Crochet- Along: Sweet Babie Hoodie

Week 4--the final piece.

Crochet-Along: Sweet Baby Hoodie

Week 2 progress!

Crochet-Along: Sweet Baby Hoodie

I chose to use Lion Brand Baby Soft in pistachio. So far, loving it!

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Re: Playful Pup

"You made this for me, right?"

Re: Funny Bunny

Mr. Bunny has just discovered where angora comes from, and he is not pleased.

Re: Baby Hoodie Week 5 - Finished Product!

Cute! It has a rocker/skater-boy (or girl) quality about it!

Re: Sweet Baby Hoodie Crochet-Along: Week 5

Becky & cirone--thank you!

Re: Sweet Baby Hoodie Crochet-Along: Week 5

Thank you! I'm looking to more crochet-alongs in the future!

Re: Crochet-Along: How to Crochet a Baby Hoodie, Part 4

Thanks Linda. That looks better!

Re: Crochet-Along: How to Crochet a Baby Hoodie, Part 4

Linda, I was wondering how you're interpreting the hood attachment. The pattern says to 'beg at center of button or buttonhole bands', which is fine, except when working the edging. Those 2 quick corners--one inside and one outside--at the top of the bands make things a little wonky, IMO. Also, have you noticed there's no mention of adding trim to the back bottom? That seems rather odd. It would have made more sense if the pattern said to sew in the arms and side seams and
then make the edging.

Re: The CraftStylish Caption Contest: Knitwear Comes Back to Haunt Us

Casting agent to her assitant: "I said, 'Family Affair', not "Family of Fear!"

Re: Crochet-Along: How to Crochet a Baby Hoodie

Hi Linda! I mentioned the crochet-along over on my blog on and will be posting my progress over there. Looking forward to getting started! My best, DIY Maven.