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My version of the blooming box

My version of the blooming box, in navy and white.

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Re: How to Make a "Bloomin' Box" for Spring

@DefyingDestiny if you got step 8 perfectly, then step 9 is as easy as making sure the top edge touches the 'squarish' one you made in step 8. As long as it doesnt overshoot that, the fold is accurate.

Re: How to Make a Valentine from an Onion

This is so creative! I live in Nigeria, Africa, and the little art supplies one can find are very expensive, so I used to try to create with what I can find.

I spent many years being lonely on Valentine's Day - even though I never got a present (not even a teddy bear) I used to wrap up and send a card and gift to a guy as his mystery admirer, but he died in an accident the day after high school grad.
I am going to start sending myself a gift...It will definitely boost my morale (will suggest it to everyone I know too!).
I saw a hexagonal box today and felt the urge to do something, and going online, I found ur onions project.
Thanks for sharing - there is a basket of onions in my kitchen and am going to start the second I get home!

As for the adhesive, I am sure I have to find an alternative, so wish me luck. I will post the picture for you when I am through!