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Re: Depth Charge: How to Make a Splash and Get Paid for it.

Okay, seriously you are INCREDIBLE. I can only wish that I was as talented as you are. :]

Re: My origami bloom box

Wow. Yours turned out great. Could you explain to me how to do the second part of step 9. I have no idea where to fold the top-left edge. I don't know where it's supposed to go. Thanks!!

Re: How to Make a "Bloomin' Box" for Spring

Can someone please guide me through the second part of step 9. I don't understand where you're supposed to fold. Well, I don't understand where the folded part is supposed to go. When I try to do it, it doesn't look like the picture, and the paper doesn't want to bend. I really want to do this because the end result looks beautiful. Please help.