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Re: BOOK GIVEAWAY: The Felted Bag Book

I currently have one felting book but it is limited to crochet. It didn't really inspire me to try it because I am limited on the yarns I can buy since I don't order many things online. Maybe this book will be more of an inspiration since it ISN'T limited to crochet. Hmmm...maybe I will soon find out. Hope so...

Re: Produce Bags

I made this bag and I love it. However, I didn't put a drawstring in it. Instead, I made it a fold-over bag. I have a bag I made for all my re-usable grocery bags and it has a special pocket for my mesh produce bag, so I needed it to lay flat and fit in the pocket. I get a lot of comments on this little bag as well as the tote I have for it and all the other bags.

Re: How to Make Pretty Pincushions

I made these about 3 years ago and made some for my friends who were just learning to sew, sort of as a gift of "congratulations for doing more with your retired time than sitting on your duff." They LOVED them. I made them so they would attach to their new machines and be where they had access to them at all times. This is a very useful re-cycle project.

Re: How to Sew Your Own Produce Bags

This idea really works but I changed it up a bit. Instead of a drawstring closure I made it into a fold-over closure this way I can fold it flat to fit into a special pocket on my re-usable grocery bag tote I made. The cashiers look at me a bit strange then ask where I got it. One bag-boy (man) said to me, "You're very particular, aren't you?" I guess I am when it comes to stream-lining my green things.