Woodstock, ON, CA

I like to use recyclables and what most people put in the garbage to make something useful or decorative. My whole basement is a craft/sewing room with 3 tables, 2 desks and a lot of shelves to hold everything from toilet paper rolls to foam meat trays, wool, lace, ribbon, felt, coloured papers and a lot of fabric. I make shopping bags, called "Towne Totes", lavender sachets, decorator pillows and BBQ aprons. I am presently designing a adult bib for the handicapped, that doesn't look like a child's bib,is reversible with ties around the neck and waist, yet smaller than an apron.
I sell my items at a local consignment store, where I volunteer to help set up displays, research the value and price items.The store can be found at with my items under DonnaLee Designs.

craft interests: crochet, holidays, home decorating, paper crafts, restyle, sewing, trash to treasures

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Re: How to Make a Reusable Sandwich Wrap

Love this idea! I am always looking for items to sew that reduce the use of plastic bags. Would love the book!!!!

Re: How to Turn Blah Buttons into Bodacious Buttons

I have used the sharpies for designs with great results. One of my favorites ways to use white buttons is to dye them with fabric dye. Just add boiling water to a jar with a teaspoon of your choice of powdered dye and let sit until cool. Some plastic buttons will take the dye well and become vibrant and others do not work at all.

Re: Book Giveaway: Crafty Chica's Guide to Artful Sewing!

Great book - would love to add to my collection of sewing/craft books. I like to make my own designs and I am always looking for inspiration and quick tips for sewing. As a self-taught sewer I need all the help I can get.